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Choose from a selection of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, feature tiles, marble tiles and glass tiles all available for pick up at either of our storehouses located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you live further afield we will deliver to your home, wherever it is in Australia.

We are always on the lookout for the latest trends and styles in tiles to add to our existing range Australian made and imported tiles, from all around the world. Talk to our team of bathroom designers or kitchen designers, they will be able to help you choose the exact tiles for any job, and even assist with colour matching and design inspiration.

Tweed Denim 300x600 Feature Tile
Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heaters Small - 1500W

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Design Idea! Leave some space between patio tiles

If you are thinking of tiling your patio, why not leave some grass between each tile to create a contrasting grid. Think grey tiles on green grass, with luscious leaves springing out wildly between each tile. It creates a fantastic contrast and brings a bit of colour to an otherwise monochromatic outdoor area.

And you don’t need grass to implement this technique. Check your local tile shops for gravel, you can use this as a base layer and add your tiles, again leaving a gap between each tile to create a grid. While you might sacrifice the colour brought by lovely green grass by replacing it with gravel, it also means that you don’t have to maintain grass throughout the year.

Illusion Fushia 300 x 300 Mosaic

Mosaic tiles and custom mosaic patterns

Mosaic seems to work brilliantly inside as a feature or outside as a larger surface covering. It’s versatile and stylish, and you can use it on outdoor walls, around a fireplace and inside pools. It gives you the opportunity to be a bit more creative. You can use complicated patterns and designs with mosaic tiles from any of your nearest tile shops.

Mosaic can be a bit overwhelming if not used properly on indoor surfaces, but on outdoor surfaces the busyness of mosaic is muted by the open space. Mosaic used on the inside of your pool will give it a lot of movement and variety, working brilliantly with the ever-changing current of water as you swim.

Try experimenting with a few different mosaic tile materials, such as glass and gravel, and make things colourful to really make your outdoor area feel unique.

Tile stores will most likely recommend using natural colours to provide a timeless look that wont date. Neutral colours like brown, different shades of grey and black all work well and allow you to accent your overall design with colourful furnishings and accessories. By sticking with neutral coloured tiles, you can ensure your kitchen, bathroom or floors will look contemporary for many years to come.

Slate Tiles

Checkered Slate Glass Mosaic 25x50Slate is a tough, hard material which is perfect for both indoor flooring and outdoor areas. It adds a dramatic and sleek aspect to any space. You can use jet black slate in creative ways, combining its natural colour with the green and floral colours of your garden. While slate tile is more commonly black, you can also find coloured slate. It resembles a rusty, autumnal mixture of browns and oranges that taps into that natural tone.

This material is all about striking colour combinations, and some variations almost look wood-like. Slate also has a wonderful textured surface, with natural raised variations; it is seldom clean cut and is great for barbeque worktops.

Concrete-look tiles

Cotopaxi Multi Concrete 250x700Concrete gives you that rugged, unfinished look that is perfect for the outdoors, and you should easily be able to find some concrete look tiles at ABL tile stores near you in Brendale and Nerang. Concrete look tiles have a few benefits over plain old concrete. For one, concrete can easily get chipped, and concrete look tiles give you a bit more flexibility to switch up the tiling space with a different tile.

Concrete as a colour will also work brilliantly with your outdoor area, the neutral grey and rough unfinished surface make it perfect for a patio, pool or barbeque space.

Use non-slip tiles

Iris Ocean (Pearl Mid Blue) Anti Slip Range Mosaic 25mm x 25mm

Your tile store will probably remind you to install non-slip tiles if you have a pool outside. All spaces near your pool including decks, fountains and water lines should be kitted out with non-slip tiles to avoid any accidental slipping. Check out our non-slip mosaic range.

Colourful Patterned Tiles

Prague Midnight 300x600 Feature Tile

Just because natural colours work best outside doesn’t mean you should completely avoid colour. If used in the right way, you can add some real personality with patterned tiles. Try looking into patterns with geometrical shapes, think blue and white, something that’s reminiscent of an outdoor fountain or pool.

Painted porcelain tiles can be an excellent addition to any patio, and your blue, white and neutral palettes will be the best fit. They’ll make things feel a little more man-made, a little less rugged, and a bit classy and sophisticated.

Wood-Look Tiles

Aged Wood Natural 200x100

Wood is natures flooring, but it can be a hassle to clean and maintain. This is where wood-look tiles come in. They have all the design benefits of real wood (bringing the same natural colours and variations) but can be used as tiles, making them easier to clean and replace. They’re also a bit more robust, and they won’t become soggy from exposure to rain or pool water.

Huge Tile Slabs

White Sea Spanish Feature Tile

This might seem like splitting hairs between your regular sized tiles, your tiny mosaic tiles, and your massive tile slabs, but it is definitely worth thinking about. The design benefits are notable, giving you a wide spread of tile that can be arranged in a grid (leave gaps in between to allow for extra textures such as gravel or grass).

Tile production techniques mean that larger tiles are a cinch to produce today. The wider surface area of large slabs means that they are great for flooring. You won’t have the uneven floor surface that you get after installing regular sized tiles.

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