10 Best Bathroom Design Trends of 2017


10 Best Bathroom Design Trends of 2017

You will spend 1.5 years of your life in the bathroom. In fact, on average a person goes to the bathroom about 6 times a day!

That being said, often people don’t consider their bathroom to be one of the most important rooms of the house, but we think otherwise.

Therefore, why not let your imagination loose and really give attention to your bathroom. Adding just the right colors, designs, and aesthetic style is a surefire way to wow your guests.

Here are some of the latest bathroom design trends to think about when to give your “throne room” the lift it needs.

Combining natural materials for a modern look

2017 has already been marked by a heightened use of recyclable and organic materials.

People are undoubtedly becoming more environmentally conscious. Translated to your bathroom, using all natural materials to play with the functionality of your bathroom can be a great way create seamless lines and give the space a simple, nature, clean ambiance.

One of the coolest bathroom design trends:

People these days are going to optical illusion-like appliances.

Much like the modern art of René Magritte and her signature line: “This is not a pipe. This is a picture of a pipe”many are taking this mentality to their bathroom design trends. For example, creating a sink that resembles a fountain or a toilet that takes on a different form to your normal every day ‘loo.’

One can even change up the traditional placement of their appliances. Put your tub in the middle of the bathroom, for example. All in all, people are getting creative. Bathrooms are becoming a modern art exhibition.

Old is the new, NEW!

Just like in fashion, the vintage look will always be ‘in’ Why not bring back some of the tradition styles of the 60s, 80s or 90s? Filling your bathroom with a vintage twinge (in a modern way of course) is a fun way to make your bathroom stand out.

In order to make vintage look more modern, one can use certain retro patterns on modern furniture or vice versa. It’s all about combining the two and finding an equilibrium between the old and the new.

Classic fixtures and design styles such as a freestanding tub, subway or hex tile, and other vintage pieces are impressing, when done right.

Metallic tiles make those walls pop!

Metallic tiles can do a lot for your bathroom.

For one thing, if you aren’t looking to change too much in the room, only changing your tiles can be quite enough to make it look like a completely new room. On one hand, metallic tiles can bring in an industrial look. On the other, the earthy tones can also give a natural vibe to the room.

Some suggested metals that work well in bathrooms include stainless steel, copper, or bronze. These materials will last you a lifetime. In terms of bathroom design trends, this one looks complicated, but actually, doesn’t require that much work!

Compact storage units for a compact space

Given that we live on a planet with 7.5 billion on it (and that number exponentially growing) there is large chance that your bathroom isn’t the biggest room of your house.

However, you can make it look a lot bigger by using your storage space in an efficient way. If you are dealing with a REALLY tiny bathroom, we also suggest you think up instead of across. How can you optimize all the wall space that you have? The right shelving will always be one of our favorite bathroom design trends as it makes the space practical and cozy. Compact and smart shelves are said to the “the storage of the future.”

Making your bathroom a spa

In 2017, it’s out with doors and in with multiple shower heads. People are looking to bring the spa into their home.

Overall, showers are expanding in size and bathrooms are becoming more shower rooms than they are bathrooms. Get rid of that sticky shower curtain and replace it with a glass door, or even no door at all!

In addition, having multiple shower heads is the best way to get relaxed. And, in addition to making the shower grandiose, it also, practically speaking, makes the shower itself easier to clean!

Cover the walls in white

Studies show that, psychologically, white walls give off “white” and “clean.” These are, surely, words you would want to be associated with your bathroom.

White is chic and with cabinets, toilet, and marble that is also white, altogether this is another one of those simple design trends that are often overlooked.

The Mediterranean look

Mediterranean bathroom design trends is all about the tiling you use and the colors as well.

Making your bathroom be reminiscent of your vacation to the Mediterranean sea is in. The Mediterranean style evokes comfort, relaxation, and casual style. It takes it’s influence from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey and has been timeless, existing for several centuries!

Floating vanities

Hiding pipes and attaching your vanities to the wall optimize space and adds simplicity.

It’s definitely a trendy way to be non-tradition in your bathroom. Plus, now that the pipes and the vanity is out of the way, you will have more room to utilize the space for storage!

Make your bathroom your new office

Okay, don’t really do this. Don’t bring your desk into your bathroom. But, what we mean is, bring technology into your bathroom!

In 2017, not only are people using technology to control their shower heads but also for other aspects of the room such as with Bluetooth and wireless speakers and automatic sinks.

Before you begin your bathroom lift…

Now that you have some of your creative juices flowing and review the top bathroom design trends of 2017, here are common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid. If you are looking for even more inspiration, here are additional simple bathroom renovation ideas you can try out. We hope that you have enjoyed all these simple, sleek design trend ideas for your bathroom.

And if you have any question on bathroom renovation products in the market, please contact us.