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ABL Western Weekender Advertisement 10-8-18


ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre have been proud to be involved another Renovating Rescue in May 2018 with Channel 9's The Today Show. Sonia Burton is a single mum of 4 who lost her husband melanoma, and she took in 2 other children who lost their parents. Well deserved break for Sonia, we project managed and renovated her living area, kitchen and front patio area. We put together and did the kitchen including appliances, pantry, the floors, the ceiling fan and air conditioner the led fireplace, the tiles out the front as well - not a bathroom here, but we are your One Stop Renovation Shop.

Sonia's Surprise

Reveal Part 1

Reveal Part 2

We have recently created ABL101, which are video segments we are recording in our showroom, with our staff. They will be featuring product information, features and benefits, supplier interviews, product knowledge and any feedback that has been suggested by our customers. If you have more for us, please send your details through marketing@abltilecentre.com.au

ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre have been proud to be involved with 7 A Current Affair Renovation Rescues, their most recent was for the Sydney Children's Hospital Renovation as well as A Current Affair's biggest renovation rescue ever for Vanessa Hardaker and her children in Western Sydney. Below are some of the recordings of what we have been involved with:

Vanessa Hardaker & Children - November 2014 (aired February 2015)
Vanessa's husband and father of their 3 children was killed in a boating tragedy on their first family holiday that they had saved for 6 years to go to Fiji. ACA and everyone involved did a complete knock down and rebuild of their family home.

Doing it for Daniel Clark - March 2014
Daniel is a young man who worked very hard for charity, and has cerebral palsy himself - this was ACA and the everyone involved to give back to him, to help his day to day life be easier.

Bryson Anderson's Dream - April 2013
Bryson Anderson was a great police officer, firefighter and family man, who was attacked and killed in the line of duty. Bringing Bryson's dream for his family to life.

A Home For Heidi - May 2011
Heidi Edwards was left quadriplegic after an accident driving down the road and an old tree fell onto her car, her two children in the back were lucky to be left unharmed. Heidi and her husband had been building their dream home for 8 years while living in the shed in their back yard, and they'd only lived in it for 6 months before the accident. ACA and everyone involved helped by finishing their home and make it easy access for Heidi.

Audrey's Wish - November 2010
Audrey Murdon is facing a health battle she will lose and all she wants is a place her 3 boys can call home. Audrey has been through everything, from beating breast cancer in her 20s, to now being diagnosed with a brain tumour and given 9 months to live. ACA and everyone involved helped Audrey, her husband and their 3 boys, be set in a loving family home.