Bathroom Vanities

Tile your bathroom in style with the latest bathroom ideas and trends

The Spa Treatment

Spa-inspired bathrooms are making a comeback, and you can understand why. Everything about a spa is meant to relax and pamper you, why not bring it home from the resort? Think decadence and luxury when choosing your bathroom tiles. Dark, sleek colour palettes and wall to floor tiling will give you that relaxing spa feel.

Bold, statement tiles like granite will make your bathroom feel like a getaway at your favourite spa resort. You can also inspire yourself by researching spas around the world; mosaic bathroom tiles will evoke the spa feeling of ancient Greece and Rome.

Art Deco is Back

Love the Empire State Building? Then you’ll love art deco, and you might even want to design your bathroom tiles around it. Art deco is the style popularised in the 20s and 30s, but it is making a comeback this year. It’s luxurious, using geometrical patterns, rich colours and fine materials.

To design your bathroom tiles too look and feel like they’re from the 1920s, you’ll be looking into emerald green colours, black and white floor tiling and a split colour scheme across the walls, with a dividing line in between. With the addition of a freestanding bathtub, gold taps and a lavish mirror, you can feel like you live in a different era with a modern twist.


On the other end of the scale from the sleek spa environment, there’s concrete. This feels a lot more like the bare and square ‘brutalism’ school of art when compared to the lavish luxury of spa designed bathrooms.

It might seem a bit industrial and unfinished, but using concrete with a mixture of elements like wood texture tiles, visible copper plumbing and bathroom plants can give your bathroom a natural and earthy feel. It’s not as sleek as spa wall-to-floor tiling, but if executed correctly you can find the balance between rugged and sophisticated for your bathroom.

Spark your creativity with a few new and trendy ideas for your bathroom tiles.

A bathroom is a sanctuary, and you spend a lot of time there. Whether getting ready in the morning, relaxing in the bathtub after work, or just using it throughout the day. So it’s important that it feels like home: a place that makes you feel happy.

Bathroom tiles are key in setting the mood and scene in any bathroom, so making the right choice is essential for creating the perfect space. Here are a few trendy bathroom ideas for all your tiling needs.

Try a Neutral Palette with Matching Bathroom Vanities

If art deco sounds a little bit overwhelming, try sticking to more of a neutral palette when choosing your bathroom tiles. A neutral palette is useful in a bathroom because it stands the test of time and does not have to change with each season’s trends, so you can have something that fits your household for years. Bathroom tiles in a neutral palette are soft on the eye, non-obtrusive and relaxing.

Try a consistent neutral colour scheme. All white will make your bathroom feel clean and sleek, soft greys and light browns will give an earthy, relaxing feel.

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One of the trendiest bathroom ideas is to include terrazzo as a material. Terrazzo is made from a mixture of cement with chips of granite, quartz or marble. It is then polished to create a smooth floor or wall surface, creating a kind of random mosaic pattern that’s fascinating to look at, intricate and speckled.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame features a terrazzo floor, so why not bring it into your bathroom?

You can find terrazzo style tiles made in the random beauty of natural terrazzo. This year’s trends feature terrazzo made from larger, multi-coloured chips, making them less speckled and bolder.

Timber Palettes

Our bathroom ideas have delved deep into a lot of natural styles, from concrete to real marble, bare copper piping and randomly assorted terrazzo chips. The natural look is clearly a big trend to follow, and you can see why. Timber style bathroom tiles will add a welcoming feel to your bathroom. A calming and natural bathroom is a great place to come home to.

Timber style tiling has improved in recent years thanks to developments in the tiling industry, meaning more nuanced and lifelike patterns, and larger prints available to be built into your bathroom. Combine with concrete textures and other natural elements to create a spa-like, sauna inspired retreat at home.

Marble, Marble, Marble

Marble is a wonderful material, it’s sleek and smooth to the touch, and even more enjoyable to look at. Marble has always been a common find in the best bathrooms, but it is particularly on trend at the moment. You can experiment with cold white marble, grey or darker marble, or try out a deeper texture with red marble.

It’s not exactly rugged, but the natural, rocklike look of marble feels natural. You can also use porcelain or quartz tiles to get that rocklike feel. With marble, you can make your bathroom look modern or ancient, it’s a material that transcends the ages.

Skinny Tiles

Another one of this year’s great bathroom ideas is the skinny tile. This is a throwback to the old subways and underground railways, featuring long and skinny tiles painstakingly placed to create an undulating wall surface. Think about how you want to stack your skinny tiles. You could line them all up perfectly, or try staggering them for a more complex and trendy look.

Try All White

If these bathroom ideas sound a bit too colourful for your taste – too many reds and greens and greys – why not try going minimalist and using only white. This is another trend which will make your bathroom feel modern and sleek, while maintaining a cool, clean and calm environment.

If you’re using all white bathroom tiles, this also gives you the opportunity to add splashes of colour with bathroom accessories. Add in a bathroom plant, colourful bath mat or mirror frame to make an instant statement against that plain white background.