Bathroom Accessories that are Perfect for Small Bathrooms


Here’s how you can maximise your space with a few small bathroom ideas and bathroom accessories perfect for a tight space.

Fitting everything into a small bathroom can be a bit like playing Tetris, but with the right set of bathroom accessories and a few nifty tricks, you can not only fit everything you need into your small bathroom but you can also make the space seem lighter and larger.


Any interior designer will tell you that installing mirrors is a great way of making a room seem more spacious. Using this idea will expand your small bathroom and leave it looking light and airy.

Using a large wall-hung mirror above the sink will do wonders, or you can add in a mirrored cabinet for both storage and style. Placement is key, hang your mirror across from a window if possible to reflect light around the room during the day.

Heated towel ladders

Heated towel ladders

Heated towel ladders

One of the key bathroom accessories is the towel rail, but in a small bathroom, there isn’t enough space for everyone to get their very own rail – every centimetre counts. The best alternative is a heated towel ladder. This accessory will not only stack multiple towels but also keep those bath-towels, bath-mats and hand towels toasty and dry.

Wall mounted toothbrush holder

You probably don’t have much sink space in a small bathroom, you might not even have space for a cabinet, so a wall mounted toothbrush holder is a great space saver. Many other bathroom accessories can be wall mounted. There are even wall mounted toilet brush holders. Removing these items from the wall, sink and shelves mean there is more space for you to spread out other items or keep things free.

The bathroom caddy

Another one of these great small bathroom ideas is to introduce a bathroom caddy or shower basket to your shower. Picking bottles, soap and sponges up off the floor is a hassle, especially when you have limited space. A shower basket lets you stack them all at a reachable height. You can get over-shower or wall mounted caddies to store your various luxury shower products.

The Toilet Caddy

The toilet caddy is another one of our brilliant small bathroom ideas, combining everything you need within arm’s reach. It includes a toilet-roll holder & storage rail, and a neat pouch for storing your magazines, and its vertical design will save heaps of space in a small bathroom.

Bathroom Shelves

This is a bathroom accessory that you can’t live without. You might not have space for vanity cabinets or larger storage compartments, but a small shelf above the sink can provide more than enough space for you to keep everything you need.

Finding the right placement will make a big difference. There may be a lot of unused space above your toilet, a shelf can be placed across it to maximise usage. Mounting a glass shelf will help make the wall space seem less cluttered and, as a result, your bathroom will feel more spacious.