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Faucet Strommen - Pegasi Curved Wall Bath Outlet 250mm

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Faucet Strommen - Pegasi Curved Bath Outlet


Pegasi comprises a comprehensive range of mixers, outlets and showers. The beautiful proportions, smooth positive action and superb finish are cues to thoughtful Australian design and distinguish Pegasi. You will feel & see the difference; you will experience the difference. 

Designed and built in Australia, Pegasi is guaranteed for 15 years and complies with the WELS.

  • Solid brass construction
  • Built in Australia
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Sliding back flange fits flush
  • Concealed flow straightner
  • Available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black & Chrome, Black
  • WELS rating not required 



You are free. Get the look you want. Pegasi is available in different finishes to help you create your atmosphere. Whether you choose the bright clean look of chrome, the soft, cool look of brushed chrome, or the bold statement of black or black and chrome, be assured of perfect pre-plating preparation and corrosion resistance.


Thick Durable Chrome

Thick durable chrome

Pegasi parts are hand polished and plated with a thick layer of around 10micron Nickle before final plating of the visible chromium layer. This gives the product superior shine and durability that will far outlast thinly plated tapware. Chrome has long been a popular finish for tapware and justly so with its extraordinary toughness and mirror like shine.

Durable ceramic discs

Durable ceramic discs

Inside Pegasi mixers 2 near diamond-hard ceramics work in harmony thanks to the special formulation. The white base disc is Al2O3, whilst the upper moving disc is black and produced from high performance SiC. These ceramics run on specialized lubricant and outlast traditional ceramic discs in demanding environments.

Rigid mount system

Rigid mount system

Pegasi sink mixers and basin mixers use a solid forged brass mount plate with a pressed in rubber grip to give excellent fastening power so your mixer does not work loose over time. A special locator ring ensures the mixer mounts centrally to prevent splash water leaking through the tap hole into the cupboard.

Special finishes

Special finishes

You can create your own atmosphere with Pegasi and get the look you want. Pegasi comes in special finishes like brushed chrome and black chrome. Brushed chrome is often used along with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Black chrome is the premium black finish for tapware, unsurpassed in appearance and luster. Chrome trim is an option with Black.