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Hotwire Flat R12 Round Heated Towel Rail

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5.00 KGS
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Flat Round

THE FLAT ROUND TOWEL RAIL is perfect in its simplicity. Round uprights and flat round cross beams are classical in design and brilliant in functionality. The Westminster is understated yet still offers that luxury and touch of uniqueness to your new bathroom. Concealed wiring components are included and as with all Modelle wall mounted products it is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

  • Style: Heated & Unheated
  • Finish: Stainless Steel – Heated 304 Grade – Standard 201 Grade
  • Concealed Wiring Adapter: (Heated only): Yes
  • 1150mm high
  • 800mm wide
  • 122mm depth
  • 12 rails
  • 165 watts



Hotwire Towel Rails

Hotwire Towel Rails are a revolution. Easy Fix completely changes the game. Not only do Hotwire Easy Fix rails look elegant and stylish they are the easiest towel rail in the market to install. They are also much more secure. Our patented installation method not only saves time but also ensures your rail is fixed far more firmly to the wall.

So you save money on installation and have a safer better bathroom.

Our unique design also gives you the maximum amount of flexibility. You can have the cable exiting the rail on the left the right or even the middle! You can conceal the wiring so no cable is visible or have a small length to a plug. All of this can be done for no additional cost. Everything you need for all these options is included in the box!!

See the Video below to see just how easy Hotwire Rails are to install.

Contact us to find out where your nearest retailer is located. We have 100’s across Australia there is bound to be one nearby.

Guaranteed Quality

All Hotwire Easy Fix Heated Rails come with a full 5 year replacement warranty and are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel. (Unheated rails have a 2 year warranty)

Running Costs:

Most heated rails only cost 2-3 cents per hour to run. A touch of luxury for only a few cents per day.