ABL Tiles Kitchen Products and Ideas

Aussies spend a lot of time in the kitchen, food is a big part of our culture and having a beautiful, comforting and fashionable kitchen makes the experience of food even better. When thinking about new design ideas, there is plenty of inspiration to be found from across Australia, there are inspiring kitchens Brisbane through to Perth.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or spruce it up with the latest trends, try using a few of the latest trends in Australia. Trends include adding in more character and eclecticism, creating an ‘anti-kitchen’, and installing all-area lighting.

Zip ChillTap Extra Chilled and Ambient Filtered Water System

Boiling and Chilled Filter Taps

Adding boiling water and chilled water taps to your kitchen can add a lot of convenience for you and your family. ABL Tiles have a wide range of filtered water taps available. We stock units from some of the worlds best manufacturers including Billi and Zip.


Hide your kitchen, or make it something else

Though we love our kitchens, we don’t need them to be there all the time. This new trend is popularising the concealed kitchen or combination kitchen. It means you can either pack your stove and work area away or disguise your kitchen with concealed cupboards and softer surfaces, so it feels more like a living room than a place where you slave away at meal times.

You can install folding doors to mask your stove and sink, and then use the space for living away from the kitchen. Open kitchens remain on trend, with more compact and savvy storage making it easier to tuck your appliances and food away. Concealed appliances will give you more flexibility with the room, allowing you to use it as a dining room or keep everything hidden away when you have guests.

Nostalgia Sink Mixer 220mm Shepherds Crook Spout

Kitchen Taps and Hardware

One of the easiest ways to modernise your kitchen is to replace the taps and faucets. Many homes still have the same taps and faucets that were installed originally which can date a kitchen significantly. Many Kitchen Taps and Hardware are very affordable and will instantly add a new style to your kitchen.

Make More Space with Better Kitchen Storage

Making better use of your space is particularly important in smaller kitchens, so it’s essential to get the right storage compartments. Kitchens Brisbane and beyond are saving space this year with walk-in pantries and more overhead cupboard space to make the best use of wall space and height. If you’re building your kitchen from scratch, think about reducing the kicker size of your under-bench storage to maximise cupboard space.

700mm 3 Drawer Base Cabinet

Make it eclectic

If all these kitchen ideas involving concealed appliances, compact storage and clean bench tops are making you yawn, you will probably like the eclectic trend. This will make use of your creativity, and allow you to express yourself in the kitchen with lots of eclectic items that are bold and visible.

You can use open shelving to place items such as earthenware crockery for that natural, earthy vibe. Try stacking your cookbooks, pull out your pots and pans and leave them on display. Just be careful to style everything carefully, or your kitchen could err on the side of messiness. White worktops, wooden panelling and a neutral scheme will combine well with the colour of your eclectic mix of pots, pans, books and plants.

Al-Andalus Spanish Feature Tile 250mm x 750mm (Set of 2 Tiles)

High-Quality Kitchen Tiles

Tile flooring will continue to be popular in kitchens. The bare feel of tile flooring gives Australian kitchens a clean and modern look. Quality kitchen tiles are also a very cost-effective option for kitchen floor coverings.

Gessi Ispa Kitchen Sink Mixer Chrome with Black Insert

Go dark with a black colour scheme

If wooden floors and a rugged, eclectic kitchen sound a bit too rough-edged and old-timey, you might prefer the ultra-modern trend of black kitchen tiles. The black kitchen colour scheme is in vogue at the moment.

Combine dark navy blues with black to create a striking scheme. Blues will give a royal feel and add a little bit of colour if you’re struggling to figure out what to combine with black.

Dark colours have a particular advantage for hiding scuff marks, scratches and grime, making them appear new for much longer than your pure white kitchen top or wooden surface. Black will make your kitchen instantly sleek and sophisticated, a place that feels modern and almost futuristic.

Moon Black 250x750 Feature Tile

Updating Your Kitchen Appliances

If you’re not looking to install an entirely new kitchen, but still want to add something new to your kitchen this year, consider new appliances. There is a wide range of options including fridges, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, ovens, stove tops and more.<br /> Installing new kitchen appliances in a matching colour scheme will instantly update your tired kitchen and help you make the most of modern energy efficient kitchen appliances.

ABL Tile’s Best Kitchen Update Ideas

Sure, it’s great to have everything neat and hidden away, integrated into your kitchen so that your family and guests barely know it’s there until dinnertime. But if you want your kitchen to stand out with pride, why not try experimenting with bold and visible accessories like taps and statement ovens.

Deco Heritage Mix 320 x 625 Feature Tile

We have a huge range of taps and other kitchen accessories available in our Brendale and Nerang showrooms, featuring different colour schemes and materials that will give you almost too much choice. Try choosing black or gold taps for a darker scheme, or classic chrome taps for a more modern look. Black kitchen taps are also trending this year.  You could also think about installing a bendable tap to make manoeuvring and cleaning dishes easier or go touchless with a motion sensor tap.

Statement ovens are also making an appearance in this year’s Australian trends. These are big beasts that dominate their own space in the kitchen, no need to integrate them or hide them away. With these few items, you can make your kitchen feel unique and bold, and celebrate the kitchen environment for what it is.