Artisan Range

Southern Cross Ceramics is one of Australia’s leading producers and suppliers of ceramic tiles, built for all purposes and designed to satisfy all look and feel requirements.

At ABL, we stock the Artisan Range – Southern Cross Ceramics’ flagship range of tiles, subtly designed and engineered to suit all space and design needs. Whether you’re renovating or building, you cannot go past the ABL collection of the Artisan Range.

Choose from ABL’s extensive selection of tiles from the Artisan Range by Southern Cross Ceramics today and take advantage of our commitment to stocking the finest products from only the best producers and our dedication to delivering our products Australia-wide.

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Introducing The Artisan Range

Inspired by age-old techniques and an appreciation of eye-catching shapes and prints, the Artisan Range offers an array of high-quality products that look and feel like original, handmade tiles.

With each individual piece offering something slightly different in terms of texture and pattern, this is a spectacular solution for those who are keen to utilise rustic, traditional or quirky contemporary designs to create a unique aesthetic.

Suited to indoor areas, outdoor spaces and rooms that are exposed to higher moisture levels, these versatile artisan tiles from Australia tick all of the boxes. 

The beauty of the Artisan Range is that it offers something for everyone. From subtle, timeless designs to bolder, more adventurous colours and patterns, you can choose artisan floor tiles, wall tiles, tiles for a kitchen splashback or artisan tiles for the bathroom that complement your style, or the theme and feel of the room.

These tiles add character, inject interest and personality and provide an attractive focal point. 

Our Designs

We are proud to offer home and business owners and building firms and developers access to a spectacular range of artisanal tiles, which boasts a raft of different colours and designs that are suitable for all kinds of properties. Our designs include:

This range of artisan tiles from Southern Cross covers all bases, catering to modern homes, traditional houses and those that combine rustic styling with a contemporary twist.

You can choose from a selection of colours, from muted, understated tones of grey, clay and frost to more audacious shades of black, navy, pink, turquoise and crimson and opt for decorative, detailed, ornate prints or strong, clean, crisp lines. 

Decorating with artisan tiles

Artisan tiling offers unquestionable aesthetic benefits, but it’s also hugely versatile. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or you’re renovating, developing or building homes, you can use these tiles to create unique focal points or accent walls, add character to different rooms and carry themes.

From a small number of decorative tiles used to transform a cloakroom or add colour to a cool, modern kitchen through a new splashback to a boutique hotel style tiled bathroom, the options are endless. The versatility of these artisan tiles means that they are suitable for almost any space, and you can choose to use as many tiles as you wish to either make a statement or add those all-important finishing touches and finer details. 

If you’re on the hunt for stylish, functional tiles that will breathe new life into any room, check out the Artisan Range today.