Cascade Fixed and Swing Pivot Panel

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Cascade Fixed and Swing Pivot Panel


The new Cascade Fixed and Swing is the logical extension to the swing panel. It allows half of the screen to be folded away when not in use and with a larger screen area when in use. Decina have taken the concept to a new level with these features. Size – 1037 x 1500mm


  • Provides a shower enclosure of over 1 meter long.
  • A stand out feature of this product is its Tile Bead Glass Locator which allows the panel to be installed on a tile bead, parallel to the edge of the bath. This ensures a seamless aesthetic that is unique to Decina and is design protected. It also provides; – easier installation – improved rigidity of the system – increasing internal shower and rim storage space – eliminates the unsightly dust gutter of other common systems.
  • Full length hinge allows: – swing panel to open in or out for easy access – self-centring hinge to facilitate the swing pane staying aligned with bath edge.
  • Swing pane of glass can rotate up to 270 degrees and fold all the way in under the chrome plated brace allowing the bathroom space to be made more open.
  • Fixed panel dimensions allow easy reach to tap handles.
  • Gasket sealed walled channel allowing ± 8mm adjustability.
  • 6mm toughened glass
  • Chrome plated handle prevents glass to glass contact.
  • Drip seal to bath


Size: Fixed Panel 530 x 1500mm

Size: Swing Panel 485 x 1500mm




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