Methven Flexispray Krome 100 3 Function Exposure Railshower

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Flexispray Methven Krome 100 3 Function Exposure Railshower


The Krome shower range features the latest Ultra slim contemporary trends

in Australian bathroom space.

Intergrating funcionality with form, highlighted particulary by the elegant

signature chrome-faced handset and premium features.

Krome is an excellent and afordable choice for any bathroom.



* Features the inovative ‘Airstream’ technology in the handset.

* 3 function 100mm Krome handset and single function 200mm plated drencher

* Rub clean nozzles to prevent limescale and calcium build up

* Exposure square rail with inbuilt water delivery point to eliminate the need for

a separate elbow.

* Adjustable bottom pillar for easy retro-fit on most applications

* Height adjustable handset holder with push button slider

* Easily switch from handset to overhead drencher with the stylish diverter

* Durable double wound metal hose

* 3 Functions on the handset

1/ Airstream

2/ Massage

3/ Airstream/ Massage combination

  • ¬†WELS 3 star rated / 7.5 litres per minute
  • WELS registration # S10221
  • 25 year replacment warranty


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