Pristine 101 Bidet Seat, with Warm Water Wash


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Pristine 101 Bidet Seat


The PristineBidet turns any bathroom into an oasis of luxury and hygiene.
The Pristine uses nature’s most gentle and essential element, water.
Purifying. Relaxing.
Quite simply,
it’s a new concept of clean


The Pristine 101 bidet toilet seat offers all the essential features of an electronic warm water bidet seat at an entry level price. With two warm water washes, heated seat and easy to use side control makes it an ideal choice for a healthy, hygiene conscious family. Simple to install, simple to use, and an economical choice – you’ll want one in every bathroom.


Pristine 101 Key Features

  • Posterior and feminine warm-water washes
  • Water and seat temperature settings
  • Water pressure controls
  • Self cleaning nozzle
  • Aerated wash spray
  • Nozzle massage and oscillate function
  • Child setting for safe use by little ones
  • Automatic shut down when seat vacated
  • Stylish design and comfortable heated seat
  • Intelligent seat sensor
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • “Quick Release” for easy seat removal for cleaning
  • Energy-save mode
  • Australian Standards WaterMark Approved
  • Two (2) year warranty



Will A Pristine Bidet Fit Your Toilet?

The Pristine bidet seat will fit most residential toilets in Australia. Unless you have a toilet with a square bowl or unusual shape, the Pristine should fit your toilet. To confirm, please check and double check all measurements prior to ordering.


To make sure that a Pristine bidet will fit your toilet, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Firstly, look to see whether you have a stop-tap visible (the little tap supplying water to the cistern).  If yes, excellent; if not, call us or email to discuss your options. 
  2. Determine if you have a round or elongated shaped toilet; most toilets in Australia are round shape.  When we say “round shape”, we do not mean round literally; we mean the traditional oval shape.  Elongated toilets are longer and usually ‘pointier’ at the front.  Compare your measurement B with the chart and decide if your toilet is round or elongated.
  3. Next, measure the distance between your mounting bolt holes, (measurement C) to determine if the seat will bolt on to your toilet.
  4. Can you access the underside of your toilet to unbolt your toilet seat?  If yes, excellent.  If not, don’t panic; some newer toilets have concealed seat fixing (as in Fig. 3) and we have Pristine concealed fixings available.
  5. Lastly, measure the distance from the centre of the bolt holes to the face of cistern to determine proper clearance at the back.


Fig1Typicalclosecoup1.jpg - large





Round Seat type

Elongated Seat type


≥ 495mm

≥ 525mm


415 – 445mm

450 – 480mm


130 – 200mm

130 – 200mm

Clearance at back

minimum 50mm

minimum 50mm


Fig2Wallfacetoilet.jpg - large


Fig3Concealedfixpan.jpg - large



Please note: if the measurement from the centre of bolt holes to the cistern is less than 50mm, the Pristine bidet may extend over the front edge of your toilet bowl as there may not be enough room to slide the seat all the way back on the mounting plate.



Pristine Technical Specifications








General Specifications


Remote Control

Side Arm Control

Rated Voltage

AC 220V – 240V, 50Hz

Max. Power Consumption


Power Cord Length

1.8 metre

Water Inlet

Direct connection with Backflow Protection Device

Water Inlet Pressure

0.7 ~ 7.5 kgf/cm²       (0,07MPa ~ 0.75MPa)

Round Seat Dimensions

406 x 503 x 145

486 x 503 x 145

Elongated Seat Dimensions

406 x 503 x 145

486 x 503 x 145

Shipping Dimensions

570mm x 540mm x 190mm

Shipping Weight



Wash Functions

Power Consumption


Wash Flow Volume

0.7 litre/ min.

Femme Flow Volume

0.7 litre/ min.

Turbo Flow Volume

0.7 litre/ min.


Water Pressure Control

5 settings

Water Temperature Control

4 settings, room temp. ~ 38ºC

Nozzle Positions

5 settings

Safety Devices

Temperature sensor, Thermal bimetal fuse

Drier Function

Power Consumption



Drier Temperature Control

5 settings, room temp. ~ 50ºC

Safety Device

Thermal bimetal fuse

Heated Seat

Power Consumption


Seat Temperature Control

4 settings, room temp. ~ 42ºC

Safety Device

Temperature sensor, fuse

Seat Sensor

Body contact sensor in seat



Catalytic Filter


Additional Information
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 60 × 60 cm
Seat Option


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