Tramontina Carbono Single 29L Kitchen Sink with LED Sensor Light Kit

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Tramontina Carbono Single 29L Kitchen Sink wit LED Light Kit


  • Raw Material: Cristadur® (80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite)
  • Colour: Carbono (black)
  • Sensor LED lights – life time replacement warranty (50,000 hours life expectancy) 3.6 Watts – 60 lm/W
  • Made in Germany
  • Food-safe, due to antibacterial hygiene protection system.
  • Antibacterial hygiene protection, obtained true natural silver ions, which inhibits 95% bacterial growth.
  • Nanoclean effect, it’s a fine nanostructure that makes impossible dirt and bacteria to stick to the surface, due to the space between the material/structure which is so small dirt cannot adhere to the surface.
  • The material’s ultra-fine structure means dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface.

LED Sensor Kit


The led for the bowl interior provides technology and sophistication to the kitchen.
Through the Magic Switch Sensor present in that system, it is not necessary to touch the piece to trigger enlightenment, simply move the hand approximately 1 cm from where the sensor to turn on/off the leds.


Additional Information
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 65 × 55 cm

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