Tramontina Carbono Single 29L Kitchen Sink

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Tramontina Carbono Single 29L Kitchen Sink


  • Raw Material: Cristadur® (80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite)
  • Colour: Carbono (black)
  • Optional Sensor LED lights – life time replacement warranty (50,000 hours life expectancy) 3.6 Watts – 60 lm/W
  • Made in Germany
  • Food-safe, due to antibacterial hygiene protection system.
  • Antibacterial hygiene protection, obtained true natural silver ions, which inhibits 95% bacterial growth.
  • Nanoclean effect, it’s a fine nanostructure that makes impossible dirt and bacteria to stick to the surface, due to the space between the material/structure which is so small dirt cannot adhere to the surface.
  • The material’s ultra-fine structure means dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface.


Additional Information
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 65 × 55 cm

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