Zip Commercial Hydrotap, Instant Boiled and Chilled Water. BC10/75

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Commercial Zip Hyrdotap



* Up to 100 boiling cups of water and 60 chilled glasses per hour!

* Boiling filtered water, instantly

* Chilled filtered water, instantly

* Fingertip control for filling cups

* Hands-free for filling large jugs/pots

* Safety Lock for added safety

* Boiling Water can be locked off

* Precise boiling temperature control

* Sleep mode when not used for 2 hours

* Programmable 24/7 timer

* Air-cooled system for extra energy saving

* Superior sub-micron water filter

* Modern chrome finish



* Boiling filtered water always on tap, for tea and coffee, hot drinks and cooking.

* Chilled water always on tap for great tasting healthier water

* Eleminates kettles, and unsightly cords

* Energy-effecient, reduces power costs

* pictured with optional font

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