Zip Econoboil 5.0L Over Sink Instant Boiling Water

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Zip Econoboil 5.0 Litre Over Sink Therostatically Controlled Instant Boiling Water




Functional instant boiling water heater.

Patented twin chamber technology seperating the incoming cold water supply from the boiling chamber.

Patented steam-heat boost feature pre-heats mains water in the cistern prior to entry into th boiling tank.

Designed to maintain water within 1 degree of set point. Factory set to 98 degrees.

Inbuilt temperature controls that will automatically cut off the power in the event of temperature control failure, boil dry cut-out or a blocked vent pipe.

Copper main tank with stainless steel cistern.

Provision for service access to the boling chamber.

Heating Element

Long-life incoloy sheathed embedded rod type.


Capillary Type


White Only


Tortine insulation

Safety Features

Thermal cut-out integral to heating element; thermal cut-out on vent tube

Econoboil 5.0 Litre (EB005) 30 cups at a time. Recovery rate: 100 cups per hour

Dimensions: 465mm (H) x 318mm (W) x 198mm (D)



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