Zip HydroTap Miniboil Filtered and Boiling Water Kitchen Tap

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Zip Hydrotap Miniboil Instant Boiling Water Heater And Cold Filtered Water Tap.


  • Up to 60 boiling cups of water an hour
  • Boiling filtered water, instantly
  • Ambient/Cold (not chilled) filtered water, instantly
  • New simple touch-pad operation
  • Safety Lock for added safety
  • Precise boiling temperature control
  • Sleep mode when not used for 2 hours
  • Air-cooled system for extra energy saving
  • Superior sub-micron water filter
  • Classic Model
  • Modern chrome finish


  • Boiling filtered water always on tap, for tea and coffee.
  • Hot drinks and cooking.
  • Cold filtered water always on tap for great tasting healthier water.
  • Eleminates kettles, and unsightly cords.
  • Energy-effecient, reduces power costs.
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Weight 8 kg
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