Tiles for Brisbane Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries

There are so many different tiling styles and patterns that it’s difficult to know where to start, but making sure you have the right set for the space you are working in is essential. Whether you are tiling your bathroom or kitchen, or outdoors in the pool or courtyard. If you’re looking around for tiles in Brisbane, this will help you pick the right set.

You can find tiles to suit every space, whether you’re looking for a more neutral palette, trying to tap into your darker side with something black, marble and sleek, or if you want to express a bit of eccentricity with some colourful terrazzo style panels. Tiles can sometimes even replace other materials, like wood-look tiles or man-made quartz.

Cirrus Silver Interlocking Mosaic 295mm x 295mm Sheet

The skinny interlocking mosaic

Skinny tiles are all the rage these days. They can be found in old subways and underground stations, but usually arranged in a linear pattern that places one skinny tile above another in a straight line. Contemporary styling favours more of an interlocking pattern, staggering skinny tiles so they look more like brickwork.

This is a great pattern to invest in if you want to tap into the latest trend and pay tribute to the early 1900 origins of the skinny tile. As in these examples from Adelphi, you can lay out your skinny tiles vertically, or try them horizontally.

Mosaic Tiles

The square mosaic tile has been around for centuries, but they’re just as fashionable now as they were in ancient Rome or Greece. What is great about mosaic is just how versatile they can be. You can have multiple colours or a consistent colour scheme, that never looks too overwhelming. Sometimes patterned tiles can be a little kitsch, or go out of fashion, but mosaic truly stands the test of time.

Square mosaic tiles will give you that timeless feel. Think about where you want them, they are great in outdoor swimming pools, but they also work well in showers or even splashbacks in the kitchen. It’s certain that you will find mosaic in tile shops in Brisbane, Sydney and any major tile store in Australia.

Everstone Magic Glass Mosaic Blends 32
Southern Cross Ceramics Infinity Hampton Charcoal Wall Tile 300x600mm

Infinity Tiles

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes – they’re not limited to just square and rectangle. Take this Arabella series for example. The pattern weaves in and out in complex waves, it’s fascinating to look at and light reflects and bounces off the textured surface differently depending on the angle you view it from. You can try out something a bit different with this tileset.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is typically made from shards of quartz, granite or marble mixed in with cement, and then polished for a smooth surface. You can lay it over a large space to glam up any room. Terrazzo is a common site in old theatres and even features on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But it’s also becoming a huge trend in tiling today, with tile makers incorporating more colour and larger shards to create random and varied patterns, terrazzo is sure to become a huge influence on Australian tiles Brisbane and beyond.

Aqua Mix  Enrich’N’Seal™ 3.8ml
Lavacode Hexagon Textured Mosaic

Textured Surfaces

Smooth tiles have their advantages, but if you’re looking to create a textured surface with your tiles that has embossed or raised patterns then you will love this trend. Tile makers across Australia and the world are becoming more confident with 3D surface patterns, giving textured tiles more depth and allowing them to reflect and filter light differently.

Use textured surfaces in brightly lit rooms to make best use of their ability to move and change light. Tiles with textured surfaces will give more depth and movement to your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area.

Botanical Tiles

You can invite nature into your home with botanical themed tiles. Patterns such as this Botanica series use swirling vines to create a natural look that is both calming and wild. You can use botanical patterns to match or contrast with your interior design. If the rest of the space is minimalist, add in a splash of botanical to express a bit of character. Or go full botanical and add real plants into the mix to match up with your tiles.

Santorini Spanish Ceramic Feature Tile
Aged Wood White 200x100

Wood Look Tiles

Wood look tiles are a great alternative if you want to keep it natural but don’t want the angst of owning wooden floors (think of the cleaning, the splinters, and the maintenance). The wood look is popular in Australia but installing wooden floors can also be expensive. Wood look tiles will save a lot of hassle, both in cost, cleaning and future maintenance.

Use wood look tiles in combination with other natural elements such as concrete, bare copper piping and plants to create a comforting, natural feel to your room.

Star Patterned Tiles

Star patterns are where traditional and contemporary styles meet, and they can add a lot of character to a room. Take this Cologne Black Light series as an example, it uses the star pattern in a complex way to create a varied and intricate surface. Star patterns are becoming increasingly used, and they’ll fit well into your kitchen if you want to add a bit of eccentricity.

Richmond Cement 300x600 Feature Tile
Arabesque Tan/Clay


Arabesque tiles use the complex mathematical patterns commonly seen in middle-eastern arts, architecture and buildings. This Arabesque Series uses swirling lines to form an interesting and eye-catching geometrical shape. This is a bold, statement tile.

Bring a little bit of international flavour to your home. Use the Arabesque to give a splash of colour and intricacy to a room.

Artisan Tiles

Artisan tiles tap into the imperfect. Typically hand-made, restored or second hand, they give you the opportunity to express your quirkiness and eccentricity. They might be a bit rough-edged, but they provide a much-needed respite from the clean and perfectly cut porcelain, mosaic and intricately patterned tile sets.

You can use them in an outdoor area for a more rugged feel. Try combining artisan tiles with bare concrete walls to really amp up the grungy refurbished feel.

Artisan Spanish Feature Tile 281mm x 281mm