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10 Inspirational Kitchen Splashback Ideas

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You’ve played it safe with kitchen cabinetry and benchtops but you want your kitchen splashback to shine. Not literally (okay, shiny is certainly an option), but you want your kitchen statement piece to be all about the splashback.

If deciding on your ultimate splashback is keeping you up at night, then take a look at our top ten impressive kitchen splashback ideas.

1. For Art’s Sake

Try enlarging a photograph onto canvas to fit your splashback and seal it behind a sheet of glass. For pet lovers a black & white print of your dog could be fun, or for travel buffs a favourite holiday snap? Not only do these make fantastic talking pieces, but the glass panel overlay is easy to clean. Practical and good looking, the perfect combination!

You can also find tiles inspired by the works of famous artists. This Andy Warhol-inspired Spanish tile (281 x 281) is ultra-modern and bright. For funky punters who love colour, these are the bomb.

2. Cooking with Glass

You’re cooking with gas when it comes to using glass in kitchen splashbacks. While conventional glass splashbacks are popular and practical, the likes of glass tiles are really worth considering when it comes to turning up the style heat. Not only are they naturally non-porous and stain-resistant (tick) and come in a huge range of colours (tick), their luminous quality plays wonders with natural light, bouncing playful reflections around the room. Mirrored glass tiles are particularly unique and dramatic.

3. Mixing it Up

Keep it interesting and save at the same time. Use a simple, inexpensive tile behind the stove top, then border it with patterned feature tiles to get that statement factor you are after.

4. Metal Tiles

Pressed tin tiles work in both a modern or traditional space. For a super swish shiny finish, brushed steel solid metal tiles also look amazing. They are also heat resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

5. Stacked Stone

Not just for ski lodges and fireplace feature walls, stacked stone can also be used as a kitchen splashback. Perfect for ‘bringing the outside indoors’ and adding a touch of rustic charm.

6. Pattern Feast

Try creating a feature splashback wall combining a variety of heavily patterned tiles for a really big statement. Some of our favourite tiles feature intricate Moroccan designs and bold geometric prints.

7. Ordered Scattering

Create a tile mosaic with a twist, by scattering feature tiles amongst plain tiles for a surprise ‘pop’. It could be a tonal gradation of one or two colours, or totally contrasting colours. The trick is getting the placement right – try sketching your ideas onto paper first.

8. Geometric Shapes

Geometric tile features are very on-trend right now. Let the geometric shape speak for itself and keep it simple with the colour and patterning.

9. Pearly Whites

Create a feature splashback mosaic using shimmery, pearly white tiles. So lux.

10. Repurposed Timber

Salvaged timber (think old barn or printed timber wine crates) can look fantastic as a kitchen splashback. You may want to use a more practical tile immediately behind the stove top and wet areas though. Something with an ‘organic’ look to complement the recycled timber.

Our Tip: Your splashback ultimately ties your kitchen design and colour scheme together. When cooking up your grand plan for an impressive kitchen splashback, ensure it is in keeping with your overall theme.