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5 Cheap and Simple Bathroom Renovating Ideas

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Bathroom renovations are all about improving your storage, fixtures, and lighting to give your bathroom a nice makeover. However, considering the escalating cost of resources, you may begin to think twice before scraping off the old paint. Nevertheless, a few easy tips on ensuring the makeover stays within your budget may help to make your life a lot easier.

Change the colour

Wall paint is the first thing that one notices on entering a room. Moreover, in the limited confines of a bathroom, it becomes all the more important. Therefore, painting your walls on a regular basis is something that can easily give your bathroom a new look.

To save up on hiring a contractor to get the job done, you can easily do it yourself. However you need to be extra cautious while you paint around the shower, sink, tub, switch plates, wall corners and floors. Complement your ceiling paint with that on the walls to create a creative contrast. It is most important to remember to use a mould-proof paint as bathroom walls are very susceptible to mould and mildew attacks owing to the high humidity content.

Light it up

Lights have been used to highlight space, create depth and impact your mood. Moreover, using the proper lighting in bathrooms can help you to define a distinct character for the room. It would reflect an expression of your personality. Use cheap low power bulbs creatively that will help to accentuate its individuality without putting a dent in your pocket. Use gorgeous yet budget-friendly pendant lights to illuminate the vanity area. Exploring the ample opportunities for placing lights around this area helps to highlight the renovation objectives manifold. Ensure that the lighting that you use in your bath area is relaxing yet modest. Contemporary lighting shades help to eliminate dark areas and create the appropriate effect within a reasonable budget.

Look for the right bathroom accessories

Frequent use of your bathroom accessories leaves them vulnerable to wear and tear. Your cupboard knobs may be hanging loose or your taps may have water marks o them. No amount of repair may be of any use. Moreover, the new age accessories now available in the market entice you to go for them.

Do your research well to look for cheap yet stylish looking bathroom accessories. Dress up your favourite private space with some of the most trendy looking towel rails or shiny faucets to add to it that much required glamour quotient.

Give a fresh life to your bath tub

Your bath tub may soon be calling quits. The long hours of lazing around in it on a late Sunday afternoon or a tired weekday night has finally taken its toll. It needs replacing. However, while being pulled back at the thought of the high costs involved, you are also aware that it might not be worth all that expense after all. This is because owing to the heavy wear and tear, it is bound to take on a dull look after some time. Therefore, refinishing it is a much better alternative. It is both budget-friendly and if done creatively can help to create your own unique style statement.

The process of refinishing involves repairing the damaged areas in an old bathtub with polyester putty and then prepping the surface with acid etching.

There are several DIY kits that help you do the refinishing task yourself and save on the costs of engaging a contractor for the job. However, it is still better to avail some professional help in order to get a better look and finish of your refinished tub. Negotiate costs with the contractors you wish to hire in order to get the best bargain.

Give vanity tops a facelift

Once you’ve got the lighting, the wall colour, your accessories and your bath tub refinished, there still might be something missing. There are chances that you may have forgotten the vanity top.

As you embellish your sink with shining faucets, the old deglazed vanity top might not be the right match for it. As installing a new top amounts to a lot of unwanted expenses therefore, refinishing once again becomes your saviour. Like bath tubs, you can also use DIY kits for refinishing vanity tops. The cultured marbles vanity tops can easily be polished with car wax while laminated tops can be covered with decorative tiles to eliminate the monotony. Tile counters, as a replacement for laminated vanity tops, have been found to be, water resistant, extremely DIY friendly and amazingly cheap.

Getting a good finish for both kinds of vanity tops may still lead you to seek professional help. Once you get professional help, you might need to limit the number of tiles you lay out and use your creative genius to think of ways to combine tiles with paint, lamination or cheaper tiles to reduce cost and at the same time make things look good.

Bathroom makeovers are an essential necessity if you need to ensure happy moments while soaking in your tub. As regular wear and tear may fast render its shine to fade away, a timely renovation bid can help it regain its lustre. Engaging creativity and ingenuity to identify simple and budget-friendly methods can help you create your dream bathroom without putting a dent in your wallet.