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5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile

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With such a huge array of bathroom tiles available, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the wide selection on offer. Different choices of patterns, colors, and materials exist. So how do you focus in and settle for tiles that reflect your personality, tastes, and preferences?

Nowadays, tiles are the floor and wall covering of choice in modern bathrooms. Wallpapered walls and carpeted floors are very much out. The current variety of tiles provides an easy to clean and hygienic surface that is excellent looking, hardwearing and simple to maintain.

The following are top tips that will surely help you select the best bathroom tiles:

Shower enclosures with appeal


Your shower's enclosure inside walls needs not to conform or match the rest of your bathroom in regards to tiling. You can always select a slightly different material or color. Contrasting greys, browns, blacks, whites or light blues could work perfectly. An excellent type or category of tile that should work wonders for you are ceramic tile such as Cambridge, Munich, or even Oslo.

Get down and funky with floor tiles

Your bathroom floor tiles should not be boring. If you opt to settle for a monochrome style, you can choose to go for plain white and black tiles. This goes miles in creating an interesting and captivating chessboard theme. For those that feel extra creative, mosaic tiles can offer perfect inlay with exciting patterns on what could have been a relatively dull floor space. Ensure you coordinate between your wall's tiles and those on your floor. This guarantees a harmonious look.


Consider size

Before making a decision on which tiles to settle for, it is prudent to know the exact size of your bathroom. The last thing you want is to use large tiles on small bathroom because they can surely dwarf the room. An incredible alternative would be to opt for medium or small size tiles. These tiles work perfectly with bathrooms of any size.

Consider hygiene

There is no doubt that bathrooms are wet and damp places. This means that the material you select needs to great at handling moisture. The good thing is that some materials are really good at resisting water. Nonetheless, they are not waterproof. Germs tend to grow and spread so quickly in particular materials. Therefore, you need to choose your material wisely. On top of that, ensure you seal and take great care of them.

How about price

Price is another important consideration you must make. Your budget matters a lot. Bathroom tiles come in an array of price points. Materials such as vinyl are affordable. Others such as natural stone are somewhat expensive. The most important thing is not never stretch your budget too much.

There is more to selecting tiles today compared to the past, when feature tiles and wall tiles came primarily in standard sizes. Whether they are porcelain, ceramic, or even mosaic, bathrooms can accommodate any type of tiles. What matters most is personal preference. The above tips will go a long way in making sure you settle for the best tiles in the market.