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7 Creative Backsplash Tiling Ideas

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The main function of a backsplash is to protect a wall from grease and water splatters. But a splashback’s place in the design world has become so much more than that. Creative backsplash tiling ideas can turn an otherwise purely functional purpose into a piece of art.

With brick and wood-look tiles, stunning metallic mosaics, 3D textured tiles, and bold geometric prints, dare to walk the path of bolshy backsplashes with these on-trend creative tiling ideas.

1. Vintage Installation

Browse in quality vintage-ware and antique shops for a unique feature piece to fit along one of your splashback walls. For example, a panel from an old pickup truck or an old metal shop or street sign. Fix it to the wall then tile all around it in handmade subway tiles using a colour that complements the vintage feature.

2. 3D and Basket Weave

A simple white or black 3D textured tile splashback is perfect for a minimalist look. Or consider usinga stylish glass basket weave tile to provide an intricate pattern in an otherwise minimalist space.

3. Metallic Mosaic

Use small metallic mosaic tiles for an entirely on-trend creative splashback. Make your artistic statement with just one metallic colour, or opt for different tones and shades of metallic finishes haphazardly arranged.

4. Brick Porcelain

Yes, brick porcelain. Create a ‘Tribeca’ urban loft look using brick porcelain tiles. Rough textured with a matte finish and available in a variety of brick shades including white, almond, black and grey, these tiles are perfect for achieving an industrial look kitchen splashback.

5. Black on Black

Select black tiles and apply to a kitchen backsplash using black grout to match. It looks fantastic and when paired against a light oak benchtop and white walls, has a touch of ‘organic’ or Scandi-style to it. Black fireclay tiles with a matte finish are perfect to achieve this look, or look for black tiles in a variety of different, yet complementary, textural finishes.

6. Some Like It Long

Length matters in the creative world of designer splashbacks in 2016. Moving away from the classic mosaic tile finish, large format tiles, including ‘planks’ create an edgy look. Opt for tiles at least 24 inches in length and jump on-board the wood-look tiles available in a variety of finishes including reclaimed, painted and cross grain. Up the creative ante even more with a wood-look tile applied in herringbone pattern.

7. Geometric

Forget playing it safe with a plain kitchen splashback. Geometric tiles are all the rage right now, and if you stick to classic black and white, or muted colours such as teal, grey and white, this is a look that will carry you through even with such a bold pattern.

There is an abundance of creative backsplash ideas available using different materials such as pressed tin metal, distressed mirrors, even blackboard paint, but the most important thing to remember is the original, practical purpose of a backsplash around wet areas and stovetops. Be clever and creative at the same time!