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7 Modern Kitchen Sink & Tap Design Ideas

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Cooking and cleaning in your kitchen is made a lot easier if you have the right kind of sink and tap. Kitchen sink and tap designs therefore assume a significant importance while drawing up your kitchen design plans. Here are seven kitchen sink and tap design ideas for the modern kitchen.

Island Sink to Add More Space

The Island Sink is a great idea if you wish to add more space around you. Providing generous proportions in depth and length of approximately 30x60 inches the island sink often comes with a handy storage rack attached beneath it. Many brands have launched eco-friendly island sink models, which are made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

However, it’s best to look for a sturdy and robust version of the island sink to ensure able support to your single bowl wash stand installed with your kitchen during parties. The storage rack is a wonderful way to stack up any additional plates still leaving sufficient space to work on.

Simplify with Stunning Viceroy Taps

If sinks can be creative, sink taps cannot be left behind. The launch of stunning tap designs under the aegis of some well-known kitchen accessories designer labels has helped you lend a new dimension to your kitchen decor. The Viceroy taps are one such design that’s sophisticated in looks and simple in functionality. Its flawless body of brushed stainless steel finish is broad at the base and slender at the top. It is a single lever tap and is a perfect addition to your kitchen sink.

Go for Sink and Tap Packs

There are a host of sink and tap pack options that enable you to pack in as much punch as possible to help you get more effective in the kitchen. Most sink and tap packs are durable and suitable for low pressure gravity as well as for varied pressure systems. These combo packs are available in stainless steel, ceramic, granite or composite finish.

Mixer Taps are a Great Option

The designer kitchen accessories market is replete with a host of interestingly designed and innovative mixer taps. These are sleek in design and available in varied finish like chrome, stainless or brushed steel and even brushed nickel. They are available in a variety of stylish designs so that you get to choose the one that suits your kitchen decor in the best possible manner.

Most of mixer taps uses a single or double lever to mix hot and cold water. Screw taps found on the bench or on the side of the spout are also included in the design to provide an alternative for mixing and managing the temperature and flow of water. Some of the models are also equipped to mix filtered cold water with filtered steaming water as and when required. Some models also include a detachable spray head that helps you to fill pots or buckets away from the sink area.

Mixer taps are simple, stylish and instant. They look perfect in all kinds of kitchen be it country or modern styled. These type of taps are all that you’ve wished for and probably more for your contemporary kitchen.

Fireclay Sinks for Durability

If durability is the primary factor that defines your design consideration then Fireclay sinks are something that you should opt for. Built by fusing a unique form of clay and glaze at very high temperatures, fireclay is a highly resistant form of sink type. A fireclay sink is scratch-free and easy to maintain. It is also acid and alkali resistant and may even outlive your kitchen. Some of the best fireclay sinks are available in varied shapes and sizes meeting the diverse requirement of every kitchen type. Most designer labels are handcrafted ensuring that your kitchen gets to create its own special style statement.

Contemporary Taps

Tap designs for contemporary kitchens should complement the modern look and feel of the area. Contemporary tap designs therefore are the latest rage that adorns modern kitchens. Available in a variety of finish including chrome, brushed nickel or even stainless steel they can be matched with any sink type helping to tie in the whole look of your kitchen. Some contemporary taps can be seen in stunning combinations of chrome and black which help to add a new lustre to your kitchen decor. Found in unique geometric shapes they help to add class and a new elegance to your kitchen.

Granite sinks

Your kitchen sink often needs to bear the ravages of steel scrubbers and chemical drain cleaners. Therefore using a robust and durable material makes huge sense for you. Made largely of quartz, granite sinks are strong and extremely durable. Moreover, under the genius craftsmanship of leading designers granite sinks are given a fashionable twist to their otherwise staid looks. This ensures that your kitchen gets to savour the strength of durability and the good looks of fashionable sink styling. Granite sinks may be natural granite or even composite granite. While stone granite gives you the natural variations of stone, composite granites provide a uniformity in colour shading throughout the sink material. Moreover, composite granite is nonporous as it is made under high pressure and are extremely resistant to scratches, heat, stains and chips. However, its inability to generate a natural stone like look may work against it if you are looking for the authentic stone finish. As every kitchen is different so is the need to do it up differently. Therefore weigh out the pros and cons of using composite or natural granite before you get it installed in your kitchen.

Kitchen decor has taken on a whole new meaning as designer sinks and taps are making their presence felt in a huge way. As an increasing number of kitchen designer brands flood the market it is important to understand the benefits provided by each and align them with your specific kitchen needs. The right choice in sink and tap design can elevate your kitchen decor to a completely new level.