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7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom

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Bathroom trends come and go, particularly in the colour stakes. So it can make some renovators a bit nervous deciding on a colour palette for their bathroom. Peach and pale grey may have looked amazing back in the 80’s, but years later you are left wondering, ‘what were we thinking?’.

Neutral white is hands down the safest option. Or black and white. But there are many different ways to add colour to your bathroom for a fresh, contemporary look that reflects your personality and style. Some ideas easier and more cost effective to update over the years than others.

1. Towels and Shower Mats

The easiest and most economical way to add colour to your bathroom is with a fresh set of towels, bath and shower mats. In 2016 you can’t go wrong with one of the Pantone Colours of the Year, ‘Serenity’, a lovely tranquil blue.

2. Freestanding Coloured Baths

Remember grandma’s pink bathtub? Well we aren’t suggesting going down that path. But you can certainly add a splash of colour to your bathroom with a freestanding bath in your favourite colour. Red baths are all the rage at the moment, as are cast iron tubs, with their rich copper hue adding warmth to a bathroom.

3. Pendant Lights

Hang a feature pendant light above the vanity or bathtub to completely change the look and colour-scheme of your bathroom. Copper pendant lighting works beautifully with classic bathroom colours such as white, marble and wood. Your main consideration with using pendant lighting in a bathroom is to ensure its finish can handle the steamy environs of a bathroom without rusting.

4. Coloured Taps and Basin Mixers

Lash out on a pair of bright, shocking red handles on your basin mixer taps. Or go for a green basin mixer. That’s right, you can buy green basin mixers.

5. Heated Glass Towel Rails

Coordinate your new towels with the colour of your heated glass towel rail. Think blue glass towel rail with fluffy white bath towels. Or taupe towels on a green glass towel rail. Coloured glass towel rails are perfect for a contemporary bathroom. Also easily changed if you decide to go with a new look down the track.

6. Coloured Sinks

Forget white. Or concrete grey. Make your bathroom pop with colour and install a red sink. If you go down this path we would recommend keeping the rest of your bathroom in monochromatic black, white and grey to make your red sink the shining star.

7. Coloured Toilets

Oh tra-la-la, add colour to your bathroom with a bright red toilet. Seriously! Red bathroom accessories are huge right now. Why not have a bit of fun and install a red toilet in an all-white bathroom? Or if that seems a bit too daring, you can install a coloured flush plate against the wall.

Adding colour to your bathroom beyond your choice of tiles and paint is so easy with such an abundance of options out in the marketplace these days. Happy bathroom decorating!