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8 Beautiful Black & White Bathrooms To Inspire You

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Sometimes, you just can't beat a classic. If you want a simple, yet stylish bathroom, a black and white theme is the perfect way to go. There is something so chic about this design. It proves that there is no need to over-complicate things when it comes to interior design. If you need a little inspiration for your next bathroom, look no further. Take a look at some of these glorious black and white bathrooms. We are sure that they will give you all the inspiration you could ever need. Enjoy!

1. When you work with black and white, you can afford to be a little experimental. After all, nothing will look too 'busy' if you keep the theme quite simple. Here, you can see that the walls are a statement piece. A far cry from the plain white bathrooms that have become familiar, this room is intriguing. Extra features, such as the trimmed black curtain and the towels, complete this look.

2. If you're craving a splash of color, you don't need to go overboard with it. Take this bathroom, for example. The designer has incorporated blue into the room with effortless style. Here the pale blue tone works as a highlighter. The designer has picked out walls and features in this color. Here, the tone works to break up the monotony of black and white. If you have quite a small room, you might want to make sure that you don't make it look tinier than it is.

3. If you want your room to look traditional, you can still use this chic black and white look. The great custom made window here is the centerpiece of the entire room. Pair that with a freestanding bath, and you have a bathroom that is near perfection. The antique features, such as the cabinet, work to stress the authentic feel of this room.

4. The black marble counter is by far the most exciting thing about this room. As black and white bathrooms go, this room is quite low-key. The designer has kept everything straightforward. The weave design of the floor tiles means that the place stands out from the crowd. You should also note that the designer has used accent pieces, such as the black taps and shower.

5. This example is a modern take on the traditional white bathrooms that were once popular. The freestanding bathtub is a beautiful touch here. The pale blue walls act as a base for the entire room. If you take a look at the tap fixtures, you will see that they are reminiscent of a classic 1950's style. Aside from that, there is ample storage. The contemporary box style drawers are ideal for any bathroom space.

6. The black-rimmed windows make this room look at once sophisticated and chic. Although the room is quite little, the designer has managed to fit a claw-foot tub in here too. If you look at the counter, you will notice that it is also quite interesting. The black wood with a white counter top is a daring look, but somehow it works well here. What is perhaps most creative here is the soapbox. The designer has used an old box as a storage space for towels. That in itself is proof that black and white bathrooms can be as interesting as they are stunning. Don't be afraid to work with original pieces.

7. One of the most exciting things about this room is the tiling. At first glance, you might think that it looks like any old white bathroom but look a little closer. These tiles are a little like the ones you will find in any American subway. That gives the room an altogether urban city feel. Pair that with the little bathtub alcove, and the room starts to come together. The black feature pieces, such as this vintage vanity cabinet, finish the design.

8. Let's take a look at one of the more interesting black and white bathrooms you will have seen. Sure, the walls may be brown, but there is nothing dull about this room. In fact, the round mirror and incredible feature pieces make it an elegant room. The simple white tiles on the wall work well to complement the striking design of the monochrome floor tiles. Finally, the dark timber of the vanity unit breaks up the space while providing ample storage.

What do you think of the bathrooms we have chosen? Each of these designs should give you all the inspiration you need. When it comes to revamping your bathrooms, don't hesitate to use some of these cute styles yourself. The designs might look a little complex, but they are easier than you might imagine. We are certain you will adore them.