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9 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Transform a Space

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and these backsplash ideas will give it life. Here are 9 sure to inspire just in time for the new year.

What's better than a new look for your kitchen?

Creating that new look with as little work as possible!

Your kitchen is one of the few places in your home where you can truly let loose with bold colours, patterns, and themes, but you don't have to bulldoze it to the ground to give it a fresh look. 

A kitchen backsplash is literally a designer's dream.

True, it protects your wall from splatters, spills, and stains, but it's also the ideal blank canvas. That's why backsplash ideas are such effective renovation techniques for kitchens. In fact, a new backsplash may be all you need to create a welcoming space for foodies and party guests alike. 

But before we delve in, remember these DIY tiling basics in case you try any of these ideas at home!

  • Safety first: remove any electrical wires or other potential hazards. 
  • Clean the backsplash surface with de-glosser. 
  • Fix a wood support ledge in place with a few screws or wall studs. (You will eventually remove this when the tile adhesive is strong enough.)
  • Fill in holes, cracks, and other imperfections with drywall. 
  • Using a pencil, draw out your tile design on the backsplash wall. 
  • Apply drywall to a small section of your pattern and press in a few tiles. Use a rubber tile float to fuse your tiles in place
  • When you're finished laying down in your tiles, apply your grout, using a cloth and tile float to keep in neat as it dries. 

Ready for a kitchen makeover?

Let's start!

Wooden Backsplash Ideas

Wood is the go-to backsplash material for rustic kitchens, but it also looks great in antique and modern kitchens alike. 

Just take a look at Home and Garden TV's 2014 winner for Best Kitchen

This contemporary kitchen features a stunning backsplash mosaic made from pieces of salvaged boat wood. The result is a dazzling, multi-colored checkerboard of wooden tiles.  

To save time, you can also create an attractive rustic backsplash yourself using simple wooden planks.

  • First, measure your backsplash space and cut your plywood to size.
  • Make sure to cut holes for electrical outlets!
  • Fix planks in place using extra-strong carpenter's adhesive.
  • Drill in a few nails to reinforce.
  • Apply water seals and protectants. 

If you want to paint a design or add rustic embellishments, plywood planks are perfect for that. Otherwise, simply apply a classic wood stain for a fresh look. 

Classic Marble 

Another all-natural material for your backsplash is clean and classic marble. 

Designers love it, as this soft stone is perfect for sculpting raised and recessed patterns for neo-classical inspired kitchens. But it also works quite well on its own for simple, minimalist kitchens.

You can even pair it with colourful kitchen wallpaper to create a stylish juxtaposition.

But if you really want to make your backsplash pop, bring a little bit of metal into the mix by alternating between marble, copper, and reflective mirror tiles.  

Reflective and Mirror Backsplashes 

And speaking of mirrors, this is the material to use if you want to take your kitchen back to the future with a sleek, modern look. 

But, we're not leaving out vintage kitchens!

Patterned and weathered mirrored backsplashes are ideal for Victorian, steampunk, and shabby chic kitchens too. 

Reflective surfaces play well with adjacent colours, especially stainless steel.

While mirrors have an aesthetic quality, they also bring a functional quality to your kitchen as well. They create the illusion of more space and reflect more light to create a larger, brighter space.  

Wallpaper and Glass Technique

Calling all artists!

These backsplash ideas are definitely for those who want to express their creative side. 

Kitchen wallpaper comes in countless textures, patterns, styles, and narratives, and when coupled with easy-to-clean glass, you can create a real conversation-starter.

Consider these tips for starters:

  • Layer colourful, groovy wallpaper under glass to enhance your retro kitchen. 
  • Apply countryside themed wallpaper to liven up your rustic kitchen. 
  • Black and white checkerboard wallpaper makes a great alternative to tiling. 
  • Use embossed ivory wallpaper to give your simple kitchen a sophisticated touch. 

To maintain your backsplash, all you need is a little glass cleaner and you're good to go!

Metro Subway Style

Subway tile is a popular backsplash style because it's so versatile. Subway tiles are the perfect shape for your backsplash, plus simple, shiny white subway tiles look great with deep dark blues, greens, browns, and purples. 

But if you really want to get creative, try sprinkling in a few yellow or other light-coloured subway tiles to give your backsplash a subtle splash of colour. 

Industrial Concrete Look

Your backsplash doesn't have to be fancy. In fact, look no further than concrete to create a true industrial look. 

Simple matte-finish concrete backsplashes pair well with shiny black counters and countertops. They also enhance the look of exposed ceilings and chrome kitchen accents. But concrete also has a playful side. 

As much as it can be cold and industrial, you can easily turn your concrete backsplash into something unique with coloured tiles, polished glass, carved designs, and stones. 

Brick Backsplash Ideas

Brick motifs instantly make kitchens feel warm and rustic. 

Brick is also good if you want to capture the style of New York City's brick buildings and lofts. 

Installing real bricks is a hassle. Instead, you can spend a fraction of the time installing backsplash tiles that mimic real bricks. Buy an assortment of different shades to capture the look of sun-bleached bricks.The best part about this look is that you can be more liberal and less perfect with your grout!

Relive The 80s With A Pixelated Backsplash Mosaic

There is so much you can do with backsplash mosaics and it's not just limited to classic kitchen style. 

So don't hold back. Try having a little fun with your tiles and create patterns of your favourite pop culture symbols and styles. 

Love 80s movies, video games, and TV shows?

Great! Use your tiles to create nostalgic 80s mosaic complete with space invaders, Super Mario Brothers' mushrooms, Pac-Man, more pixelated characters. 

New Backsplash Ideas For Granite

Granite is synonymous with kitchen style.

It's strong, dependable, and comes in a range of attractive all-natural looks. 

So if it's good enough for your counters, it's definitely good enough for your backsplash. 

But what can you do to make your granite backsplash stand out?

  • Use a variety of multicoloured granite tiles to create a natural rainbow of tiles. 
  • Alternate with natural slate tile to create a cool multi-textured look. 
  • Use granite tiles of varying thicknesses.

These backsplash ideas are just the beginning of what you can do with your backsplash, but it's also an opportunity to save big on potential remodelling nightmares. 

If you truly want to make a small yet dramatic change to your kitchen, a simple backsplash makeover may surprise you.