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Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

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Modern bathrooms are trending toward a resurgence in art deco style. When remodeling your own restroom, consider bringing a touch of elegance and class into your home by updating its most important room with this beautiful decorative theme. Any size bathroom can easily be altered to fit the modern art deco movement, and even guest and children’s bathrooms do not have to be neglected when you overhaul your style. Remember that when choosing art deco colors and decorations, strong geometric shapes and bold colors are your friends! Select no more than three colors to focus on in your space, and try to keep it to two in a smaller bathroom. A beautiful art deco bathroom can be yours in no time when you use the following great ideas in your remodeling.

Glass Sink Basins

It is easy to stick to an art deco theme with beautiful glass sink basins. These basins come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that can be adapted to any bathroom space. A small bathroom can be given a true art deco look with a simple black and white modern color scheme, so choose a black basin to add a bold look to your vanity without going too overboard. Otherwise, select a black and white combination basin to draw the eye right to your beautiful art deco sink.

If you prefer to add a pop of color in your bathroom, rather than simply sticking to black and white, choose a couple of shades that go well with gold or brass, and opt for basin made of glass that is colored to look like one of these materials. Consider pairing a golden glass basin with a few more geometric bursts of yellow, brown, or even blue to offset this beautiful sink alternative.

Freestanding Baths

Hearken back to the turn of the century with an updated modern twist on traditional standalone bathtubs. If you do not need a shower in your bathroom, or if you have enough space for a tub as well as a shower, these excellent installations can provide a sense of relaxation as well as the perfect outlet for an art deco style. Many freestanding baths are made of stone, and they are excellent choices for a beautiful art deco bathroom that looks and feels just like a spa environment.

Pair your freestanding bath with faucet fixtures made of the same material as your sink’s to draw the room together. If possible, select fixtures that pair well with the other colors you have chosen for your art deco space, or even consider splurging on a colored bath to add the perfect splash of color to the room. For example, a red tub can be positioned in front of a black wall and fitted with brass fixtures to provide a beautiful combination of three bold colors that fit the art deco style perfectly.

Unique Toilets and Bidets

Although art deco is a movement rooted in the past, art deco bathrooms are all about bringing a modern look into a sophisticated and colorful space. When remodeling your bathroom for an art deco theme, do not use an old toilet – consider instead using a unique toilet and bidet. The newer and fresher your toilet can be, the better you will pull off the look you want. While you are updating your bathroom, too, you may want to consider installing a water saving toilet with multiple flushing options and a smaller tank storage. This way, you will be bringing modern style into your home while helping the environment, as well.

Select a toilet with in-wall or in-ceiling plumbing and keep the pipes and tank out of view. These toilets are very unique and classy, and they come in many shapes and styles to suit your family’s needs. This is as close as a home can come to having a completely invisible toilet! In-wall and in-ceiling toilets can be positioned directly on the floor, like a traditional toilet, or hanging a bit for a truly beautiful appearance. They are also available in a variety of solid, bold colors. For an art deco bathroom, stay away from the classic white toilet color, and instead choose a bright color or a bold black option. Pair a black toilet with a white wall and gold or brass fixtures for the pinnacle of class.

Keep your bathroom up to date and super stylish with bright colors, sharp angles, and all the class of a 1920s art deco theme. Your friends and family are sure to love the bathroom you will create with the help of these easy art deco bathroom ideas!