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Bathroom Laundry Combo Ideas

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Perhaps you live in a home where space is limited, and you do not have the luxury of a full bathroom as well as a full laundry room. Many older homes as well as more modern townhomes and condos have this problem, but it is an easy issue to resolve. Save yourself the effort and cost of frequent trips to the coin laundry by remodeling your bathroom into a bathroom-laundry combination room. This works especially well if you happen to have a smaller size guest bathroom to work with instead of altering your main restroom, but even if you only have the one, you can still make some functional and stylish changes with ease. Check out this list of bathroom laundry combo ideas to help jump start your renovation.

Plenty of counter space

Counter space is everything in a bathroom-laundry combo. Install a sink that sits in a counter rather than a hanging or pedestal sink to give yourself plenty of room to fold clothes and get yourself organized in the bathroom as well. The more flat space you have, the more you will be able to decorate and make the room look stylish and homey. Best of all, when you have counter space, you inevitably have under-counter space that can be used for storing and hiding away laundry items as well as bathroom necessities. Put as much counter space in your bathroom-laundry combo as you can. It will be a win-win situation for both room functions.

Hide your laundry basket

Even if you don’t have the benefit of lots of room for cabinet installation, at least consider putting in a pull-out laundry basket beneath your bathroom counter. These hidden spaces can be installed on rolling tracks that make it easy to pull out and push in your dirty clothes hamper. Especially in a small bathroom-laundry combo space, it is very beneficial to hide as many functional parts of the room as you can. Keep your clothes under the sink and you will never have to worry with dirty laundry cluttering up your bathroom.

Deep sinks

Although it may sacrifice a bit in the realm of style options, you may prefer to put in a deep, washbasin type of sink in your bathroom to provide you with hand-washing alternatives for your delicate clothes. Choose a smaller size, such as a 30-liter basin, made in stainless steel for easy cleaning. This type of sink can also be installed in a counter setting, so your flat space does not have to be compromised. Although deep sinks are available in a two-sided double option, there is no need to give up even more space on this style of sink. Go for the single and you will have plenty of added washroom capabilities.

Towel rails

You may think of towel rails as objects that are only useful in a bathroom, but they are actually quite beneficial multi-taskers. Place a large towel rail on a wall that is near your laundry appliances and make use of it for hanging up clothes that cannot go into the dryer. It may not be the most stylish look when your towel rack is laden with drying clothes, but it adds a level of functionality to your bathroom-laundry room that it would not ordinarily have had. If you prefer to hide away your drying laundry, hang the rail on the back of the bathroom door so that your clothes cannot be seen. When not in use as a pseudo-clothesline, your towel rack can be used for decoration by hanging elegant towels from its rails.


Mirrors are functional in a bathroom, as they give you a way to monitor your appearance on your way to work in the mornings! In any small or somewhat crowded space, they can also help make the area look much larger than it really is. Select a mirror in an abstract and artistic design to add beauty to your bathroom-laundry combo room. A larger mirror can be especially aesthetically pleasing. Do not be afraid to hang a big mirror even in a small space—it will look great, particularly if you have lots of lighting in your bathroom. Make any room look instantly big and spacious with this old design trick.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a long time to remodel your bathroom into a fully functional and beautiful bathroom-laundry combination room. Just remember to keep everything as small as possible, and you will be able to fit both spaces neatly into one room with ease.