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Bathroom Tiles for Every Budget and Design Style

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So, you are more than ready to redesign and redecorate your bathroom. However, dropping a staggering $20,000 on a luxurious spa retreat is definitely light years away from exactly what you can part away with. The good news is that you don't need mega-bucks to change your bathroom into a cool, relaxing space. Numerous ways exist to redesign and renovate your bathroom on a budget.

When looking to 'pimp' your bathroom, tiles are surely the clearest choice to come up with a functional, clean, and attractive finish. For sure it is very easy to paint the walls or lay a lino, with using a special bathroom paint, but in most cases, you will have to re-do painting every few years in order to maintain a beautiful and hygienic finish. Paint flakes, and lino rips easily. Tiles on the other hand are a durable solution that will maintain their impressive look for many years to come.

Whether you are looking for bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles, the fact is you have a huge array of choice - sizes, styles, colors, and patterns to select from. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that no matter what your budget or taste, you settle for a tile that utmostly satisfies your tastes, preferences, and requirements.

Here are some bathroom tiles ideas for every design style and budget:

Sea of Green

For a rejuvenating and cool vibe, you can surround your tub with attractive floor to ceiling tiles that come in shades of spearmint.

Case of the Blues

Are you in the mood for color? If so, then it is always wise to never be afraid to bless your walls with some color. Additionally, do not be thoughtful and daring with your approach. You can put some mosaic tiles on one wall and the other a coat of a navy paint. If you have a palette that perfectly flows together, your space will definitely feel cohesive.

Splash of Pink

Refusing to change an all white bath keeps it feeling and looking airy and bright. For a modern and sleek touch, you can hang a pendant and/or pull in the modular storage pieces. Do you want some color? Then why not hang an attractively looking eye-popping magenta shower curtain.

To delve into specific range of tiles that you can use to design your bathroom, here is a look at some great examples:

Absolute Spanish Feature Tile

Made in Spain, the Absolute Spanish Feature Tiles come in 250x271 sizes. You can use them as splash of color or a feature wall. They are funky and ultra modern.

Spanish Feature Tile

Apple Green Anti Slip Series Mosaic

This range of tiles offers a gentle and secure gripping surface for your projects that need safety specifications.

Green Anti Slip Mosaic Tile

Casablanca Charcoal

These tiles perfectly combine the aesthetics of encaustic cement with the low porosity and durability of porcelain tile that is perfect for your bathroom walls and floors. With their fifteen eye-catching designs in ten popular color ways, you can surely create your own designs or even order for a neatly customized blend. You do not need to do any sealing. The Casablanca charcoal tiles are rectified all sides and are compatible with both floor and wall tiles.

Casablanca Charcoal

Richmond Barley 300x600 Feature Tile

Use these tiles for tiling your walls only. They come in twelve different designs and twenty-four different colors. The Richmond Barley range of tiles is designed specially to create a highly beautiful textual feature wall. The twelve patterns usually range from vintage pressed metal looks to modern geometrics. With these tiles, there is no doubt that you can create full feature walls in your bathroom. Every color is crafted carefully to perfectly match the popular fashion as well as floor tile colors.

Richmond Barley Feature Tile