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Clever Tricks with Tiles

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If you like to do things out of the box, take a look at these clever tricks with tiles. It will make you want to change your entire build or renovation plans to incorporate just one of these glorious ideas!

Feature Walls

Since when did tiles have to serve a purely practical purpose? Easy to clean floors. Water resistant surfaces for bathrooms. Great oil splatter catches for kitchen backsplashes. They’re useful things those tiles! But what about using tiles purely for aesthetics? Have you ever thought to tile an entire feature wall in your lounge room, dining room, hall entrance or bedroom? No need for a bedhead when you use tiles in this way.

Imagine an entire wall covered in a boldly patterned tile. Floor to ceiling. Then add a beautiful contrasting border tile running along the top and bottom to frame it to perfection. It works and it looks hot!

Playing Tricks

If you have a small bathroom there are some clever tricks with tiles to give the illusion of a larger space. Introducing a horizontal line or band around the width of the bathroom using tiles (around half way or two thirds up the wall), will visually widen the space. You may wish to introduce an artisan feature tile to create your horizontal wall band, to really create something special.

Fabulous Fireplaces

Turn your fireplace into a tiled work of art. Pick a stand out tile and completely cover the front and sides of the border around your open fireplace. Contrast the primary tile with a border tile running around the frame of the opening to the fire.

Have an ornamental open fireplace and don’t know what to do with it? Tile the inside of your fireplace cavity and hearth with a bright coloured tile. Like yellow, green or blue! This effect looks amazing when all the walls surrounding the fireplace are pure white.

Tile Rugs

Forget vacuuming your Persian rugs. Create your own inlaid tile rug in a hallway or even a kitchen. Place patterned or geometric tiles in a square or rectangular rug shape bordered by contrasting tiles. These are inlaid into a floor of neutral tiles or floorboards to create the illusion of a rug.

Or go off the radar with cleverness and use hexagon shaped tiles as an inlaid rug to define a specific area such as a dining room. Keep the shape flowing and uneven around the edges and create an exciting transition between the hexagon tiles and wood flooring.

Bathtub Work of Art

Take a bathtub otherwise built in with classic square white tiles. Then erase that thought from your mind and instead seek out the most amazing tile to go around the outside of your bath. Large mosaic tiles work a treat. Create a bathtub mural using tiles and keep the rest of your bathroom walls super simple.

Bedroom Floors

We’ve heard of tiled bathroom floors, kitchen floors and hallways, but a tiled bedroom floor? Cool underfoot and perfect for warmer climates, tiling your entire bedroom floor with a statement tile looks amazing.