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Cool and Quirky Bathroom Tile Ideas

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We've all seen way too many white or cream tiles in our lives. I think it's time that we put a stop to it. There are so many different choices and so many different ways that we can express ourselves in the design of our home, so why do people always seem to lean towards white or other boring colours? Probably because it's easy and safe. But getting something a little bit different doesn't have to look too outrageous. It can look bold and sophisticated or even just sleek and modern. Look away from the plain tiles and go on a bit of adventure. You can bring so much more to your bathroom with just a little creativity. Here are some ideas to get the blood flowing around your minds and bring in some inspiration for exciting tile looks.

Warm Copper

Tied in with cohesive decor, metallic colours can bring a funky sign of life into an otherwise boring bathroom. These Antique Copper Metal tiles combine a few different shades of copper to make the overall look more subdued and very visually appealing. Try pairing them with warm metal fixtures and an older styled freestanding bathtub for a modern take on retro.

Subtle Texture

Like a colour, but too scared to commit your whole bathroom to it? Try using subtly textured tiles like these Apple Green Anti Slip Range Mosaics. The variety of different shades in the tiles allow you to have a strong colour without it seeming too overwhelming. Be bold and try a colour that you would have otherwise been scared of. Just tone it down a little bit with some similar shades and get the best of both worlds.

Spanish Ovals

Try different shaped tiles to bring some freshness to your bathroom. Ovals aren't seen with any regularity and they are extremely underrated. These Absolut Spanish Feature Tiles are super modern and funky. They combine an ebony, off-white and dark pink with dots of gold. Because there is so much happening with these tiles, it is best to use them either as feature tiles, or in a room that is otherwise quite simple. There is a good chance that they will clash if there is too much else happening in the room.

Dark Green

This is a colour that is constantly underrated. A dark, forest green can be very relaxing, whether it is part of a feature or an entire wall is in the colour. This Alegria Spanish Glass Mosaic is a beautiful example of mixing some dark greens in a way that is very visually appealing.

Are you still set on white or boring tiles? These are only a few designs that can give an interesting edge to your bathroom. There are thousands more out there. Then there are the different colour combinations and also the different tiling patterns. When you put it all together, there are infinite options for how to tile your bathroom. Have a look for something funky and weird - you might be surprised and find something that you fall in love with.