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Creative Kitchen Colour Ideas

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Thinking of painting your kitchen? Don't just think of the standard old colours. Try something new and exciting! Bring your kitchen into the modern era and be the envy of all your friends. All that it will take is a coat of paint. This is a selection of colour options to prompt you into being more creative with your designs.

Deep Blue

Have you ever thought about integrating a dark blue or navy into your kitchen decor? There are many different ways that you can do it. You could paint all the walls, just one, the ceiling or the cabinets. This colour can work well with dark pine wood floors, silver appliances and stone countertops. Try a deep blue with some floors like the Formica 8mm Golden Wattle Laminate Flooring. You might be surprised how beautiful it can look.

Colour Clashes

Something much bolder than using a deep blue is to clash pastel colours. Greens, blues, oranges, reds and yellows can all be used strategically to provoke a contrast in the interior space. A feature wall is a great way to integrate one of the colours. You can add the other colour in with some fun bar stools or even coloured cabinets. It's a cheap way to bring new life to a stale room. Try combining pastel colours with stainless steel appliances like this Freestanding Stainless Steel Dishwasher - Semi Electronic.

Subdued Metallic

Bring a touch of class to your kitchen with some metallic features. Keep the other colours in the room plain and consistent, perhaps whites, light or dark shades of gray or blacks. A light-coloured hardwood floor would also go well with multiple metallic accessories. Choose one main colour of metal, whether it is silver, copper or brass and try to keep it consistent. This Clasico Single Sink Mixer - Bronze can add a retro look, while also fitting in with a modern kitchen. Experiment with different combinations and looks and try to find out what works for you.



Pretend it's the 70s and bring back the amber and other weird shades of yellow. No, it doesn't have to look as bad as your grandparents' kitchen did. If you mix the other colours and fixtures in the kitchen well, it can actually look quite sophisticated. Try to combine it with wooden floors and rafters as well as silver fixtures. To really tie the room together, go out and buy a 120 Bottle Wine Fridge. Any excuse will do.


Inspired to make some bold decisions soon? Some of these colours can seem absurd at first, but when combined with the right interior decoration, they can add an element of fun and beauty to your kitchen. It's only paint anyway, so you can just put a coat of something else on next week if you don't like the change.