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Everything You Need for Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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The Bathroom Renovation Checklist You Need for Success

A bathroom remodel can absolutely transform your home, but you need a guide to get you there. This bathroom renovation checklist has everything you need.

Are you embarking on a bathroom remodeling journey?

While renovating any space to your standards and aesthetic is absolutely exciting, it is also daunting (to say the least).

From cost calculations to supplies to planning, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming for the renovating homeowner.

Luckily, we put together the ultimate bathroom renovation checklist for you to use during your project.

Ready to get organized? Check out the awesome checklist!

The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist

This great bathroom renovation checklist has everything you need to consider during your remodeling experience.


Budgeting your project should be your first and foremost concern.

Get a solid idea of exactly how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation.

By laying down a budget and doing your best to stick to it, you can make the right decisions when beginning renovation-- without ending up with a massive bill.

After laying down your budget, deduct the amount you will have to spend on labor. This is important because then you will be able to figure out how much you can spend on quality supplies like bathroom tiles and fixtures.


Bathroom renovation isn't just a 2-3 day affair. Often, bathroom renovation can take a couple weeks to complete when you factor in inevitable hiccups, scheduling of professionals, and other factors.

The time it will take to complete renovation also depends on the size of your bathroom, shipping time for supplies, and custom-made fixture wait times.

Who cares how long it takes? Well, you certainly will-- accommodations during the renovation will have to be made for everyone living in your space that need to shower, use the bathroom, etc.

Try to get a solid idea of how long the renovation will take on your own or through a trusted contractor and make the appropriate accommodations until it is completed.

Sequential Organization

Take the time to divide up the different parts of the overall job to save yourself the hassle of excessive cleanup and mishaps.

The best way to divide up the job plan is to start from top to bottom. Start with your bathroom ceiling, then walls, then flooring.

Not only does this help prevent damage that could happen to newly installed appliances, but it keeps things steady and organized. Whether you're simply repainting your space or gutting it completely.

Consider Those Secret Issues

If you're doing a major renovation of your bathroom, kitchen, or just about any space in your home, you should consider the hidden problems that could arise.

If you're not going with a professional contractor, you need to consider the age and condition of your space.

Is there a lot of water damage? Structural issues? Lackluster plumbing?

If you have an old home, consider all of these potential major issues when budgeting and planning your renovation.


This is the fun part! Consider the design aesthetic you want your brand new bathroom to have.

Think of the paint, color scheme, tile, vanity, tub or shower, lighting, faucets, and everything in between. You're renovating because you want a beautiful bathroom, so take the time to flesh out exactly what you want visually.

Make several sketches or hire someone to help you. Use plenty of colour to really get an idea of the design you want.

Don't forget to think ahead, either. You need to consider if your design scheme is marketable if you ever decide to sell.


Measurements break down like this-- the full size of the space, where the plumbing and electrical components are, and the typical size of bathroom fixtures.

When mapping out exactly where things go, consider those three things. Stay as accurate as possible when drawing up your schematics for the renovation.

This will make shopping for bathroom renovation items immensely easier because you can look for the properly sized items and not be totally in the dark.

Consider A Contractor

You may think you can handle this project yourself, and you may be able to-- but it will be very tiresome and complicated.

Consider hiring a quality contractor for your renovation project. When you consider all the things that could go wrong and cost you money if you take on the job as an amateur, it may end up being less costly (and frustrating) to hire a good contractor.

Shop around a do your research. Not all contractors are equally as good.

Fixtures And Plumbing

When remodeling and repairing your bathroom fixtures, make a separate checklist of items you want to change, such as your shower, tub, toilet, bidet, faucets, sink, mirrors, etc.

When you have a list of these items handy, you can shop for matching quality fixtures with more ease.


Just like fixtures and plumbing, you should make a list of new cabinets and shelving you want in your brand new bathroom.

This checklist will typically include cabinets, shelves, closets, medicine cabinets, and any other innovative storage ideas you want to incorporate into your renovated bathroom.

Floors And Walls

Choose supplies that are waterproof, first and foremost.

You can get really creative with walls and flooring for your bathroom project. If it's waterproof, it'll probably work. Consider your budget and items you really want, such as ceramic, marble, or granite countertops and flooring.

Take your time when selecting a paint or wallcovering, and make sure it fits with the color scheme you planned previously.

Durability and slip-proof surfaces should also be considered for your new bathroom.

Lighting And Windows

Bathrooms need great lighting, especially because it can be dangerous to walk around freshly washed in a poorly-lit bathroom.

Consider your windows and where the light comes in. Also, consider the design of the lighting fixtures you want to incorporate and just how well they light.

One thing new renovators forget is that types of light can have different effects in a space. If you use poor murky lighting in your bathroom, walking in to shave or put on your cosmetics can turn into a nightmare.

Consider lighting that mimics natural light as much as possible for your bathroom.

The Little Accessories

Make a list of little things you want to put in your almost finished space, such as towels, dishes, racks, mats, and anything else you want.


The bathroom is a very wet space. To prevent mold that could be dangerous to your health, make sure ventilation is adequate in your new space.

Not only does proper ventilation prevent mold and foul odor in your bathroom, but it will help extend the life of your new bathroom.

Start Your Renovation Journey!

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