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Freestanding Bath – Is It A Good Idea?

Posted by Tanya Davis on

Freestanding bath is becoming a very popular option among modern day homeowners. Some homeowners go to the extent of remodelling their bathroom to install a freestanding bath. Why is this craze? Is freestanding bath really a good idea? If you too are contemplating of bringing in a new freestanding bath then here are few important points for your consideration so that you are making well-informed decision.

One of the important reasons that makes freestanding baths an impressive choice is that you will have lot more options when it comes to the shape, size, colour and the material. You will be able to find a bath that best fits your interiors easily. It does not matter whether you have a Victorian style bath or a contemporary bath in mind, the market is flooded with countless options for you to choose. So obviously, the trend is to opt for these stylish looking baths.

You need to be mindful of an important factor before you rush to order your freestanding bath. Freestanding baths produce better effects in spacious bathrooms. Having room all around the bath is what gives it the visual appeal. You will therefore need to ensure that your bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate a freestanding bath. One of the factors to remember here is that you will find these baths in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, with a bit of shopping around, you should be able to find something that fits your needs even if you do not have a huge bathroom.

Another concern that you are likely to be faced with when you go around shopping for your freestanding bath is the price factor. When compared to the fixed bath or built-in bath, the cost of the freestanding version is likely to be slightly higher. However, those who have a special eye for elegance and style do not hesitate to spend little extra for these beautiful pieces that almost remain for life decorating their bathroom giving them hours of relaxing baths in the years to come.

Freestanding baths have to be installed only in bathrooms that have reinforced flooring support, as they are heavier than the conventional baths. Your bathroom floor should be able to take the weight of the bathtub plus the water and your weight. It is best to have these installation challenges checked before you go ahead and buy your freestanding bath. This should not discourage you because in most cases, it should not pose a problem but it is safer to have things inspected to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future.

As one last thing, before you order your freestanding bath you might want to make sure that your doorways will fit your new bath. Have all the doorways your bath has to pass through measured before placing your order so that you are not forced to return the bath. Go ahead, order the latest and the most fashionable freestanding baths available and make your bathroom the centre of attraction of your entire house.