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Fresh Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodelling

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Thinking about remodelling your bathroom? Looking for some new ideas, something that will set it apart? We have you covered. Bathroom designs are constantly changing, but innovative ideas will keep coming to the market and there will always be new and exciting ways to style your bathroom. Here are some of our favourites.

Curvy Designs

Curves are in! We're bored with straight lines and we want to see something new and sexy in our bathrooms. How better could we achieve that, than with this freestanding, Bahama Stone Bath Matt Black. It has a captivating asymmetrical design, with a dark finish that could add a touch of class to any bathroom. It's exactly what a sleek new bathroom needs for the ultimate place to relax. Spacious and also comfortable, it's a stunning centrepiece for any bathroom.

Metallic Tiles

Looking for a way to make your wall tiles a little more interesting? Metallic tiles are your answer. These Bling Charcoal Stainless Steel Mosaic tiles can be the perfect addition to a bathroom that needs just a little something extra. They give your bathroom an additional feature without being ostentatious, giving the room a sense of newness and excitement. Pair them with some Halogen lights to really see them shimmer.

Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are very minimalistic and can provide another element of class to a bathroom. They make the bathroom appear much bigger by revealing more floor space. These designs are much easier to clean around , but they are still more than sturdy enough to support the basins. This Andorra Vanity Double Bowl Wall Hung "Italian Made Basin" is beautiful example of a floating vanity, something that every bathroom needs inside it.


There are so many amazing things coming up in bathrooms at the moment, but there are also three practical trends that are becoming more and more prominent. One of the biggest of these is energy efficiency. We are slowly catching on and becoming more green, installing LED lighting instead of incandescent and relying more on water-saving fixtures. Not only are these things good for the environment, but they also save us on our bills.

Another thing that we are seeing more of is low maintenance designs. Things are being designed to be minimalistic and easy to clean, so that we have more time for the fun things in life.

Light and bright bathrooms are also becoming more popular. These luminous open spaces make bathrooms look much larger and inviting. Windows and skylights are also being used with more frequency, to allow natural light to come in during the day, giving the rooms that warm and fresh look that only sunlight can bring.

These are just a few of the design trends that are popular at the moment. The shift towards metallic tiles and curves give things a futuristic look, while greater efficiency and minimalism stop design from looking too space-aged.