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Gorgeous Bathroom Design Plans for Your Half Bath

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Don't neglect the half bath - especially if it's for guests! These beautiful bathroom design ideas for half baths and powder rooms pack a big punch.

When it comes to toilets, bigger isn't always better. Everyone clamors for a gorgeous master bath, but what about the parts of your days spent around the house?

Building a half washroom in your home's communal space offers convenience to yourself and your guests while staying financially and spatially conscious. Never underestimate the appeal of a loo built off of your living room or dining room.

The biggest obstacle you’ll face with half bath design is the fact it’s not a real bathroom at all. A half bath lacks any “bath” components. Your sink and toilet are the only appliances. This means the room occupies a small space.

In general, half baths' measure only 1 to 1.5 meters wide, and 2 to 2.5 meters long.

It’s easy to dismiss half loo designs as boring and straightforward. However, exceptional designs are possible for your half bath. It just takes a little knowledge surrounding toilet design, and maybe a few tricks of the eye.

We’re going to show you how to transform your small space to look larger and more visually appealing than you’ve ever thought possible.

Small Bathroom Design - Lighting is Key

Small washrooms' have a tendency to look smaller than reality in low light situations. Focus on brightening your half bath to give it a sense of openness.

You can accomplish this in a few different ways. First and foremost, you'll need proper lighting. Install fixtures that light your bathroom evenly. Uneven lighting causes shadows that make your room appear smaller. Because our eyes can't see well in the dark, shadowed parts of a room don't convey depth.

Consider recessed lights. Spreading your light source across the ceiling will prevent shadows from forming. Installing your lights inside the ceiling will also reduce clutter and make the room appear larger.

It doesn't matter how bright your half bath is if the color scheme absorbs light. Dark paint reflects colors poorly.

Stick to light color shades. Beige, white, light blues, and tans all reflect light efficiently around a room. These colors will compliment your lighting options and make the room appear larger than its true dimensions.

Use Minimalist Storage Options

Floor and wall space are crucial in small environments.

Take into account your rooms' future maneuverability before installing fixtures. Cabinet sinks take up an unnecessary amount of space. Likewise, wall cabinets that jut out can make a room feel claustrophobic and limit space for installing other fixtures.

Consider using a pedestal sink, or an above counter basin, to keep fixtures off the ground. This allows for small shelving under your sink or an off the ground countertop next to it. Both are excellent ways to provide all the countertop storage of a regular sink in half of the area.

Additional shelving also works well to compliment this type of half bath setup. Shelving installed around eye level is usually high enough to keep out of the way.

A small amount of shelving also works well just outside the bathroom door to store washroom extras like hand towels and extra toiletries.

Unconventional Designs

Thinking outside the box works well in any room, and half bathrooms are no exception.

Try for a unique look by adding mirror paneling to an entire wall. Reflection can trick the eye into believing there is depth beyond the limits of your room. The mirror wall will also reduce maintenance, as glass is extremely easy to clean.

Patterns are another way to take small space and adjust its perception. Convention says to install rectangular tiles reaching horizontally across the wall, but a vertical orientation can add height to your ceiling. Install rectangular tiling with the longer sides pointing toward the ceiling to guide the eye upwards.

A small bathroom benefits tremendously from sleek, clean lines. This means consistent color throughout the room and minimalist decor. Keep trim consistent and the color scheme cohesive. Appliances like the sink or toilet should stay no frills. An overly cluttered room can result from any overly intricate decor or knick knacks.

Also in line with a minimalist design are pocket doors. Pocket doors let your loo avoid losing any space to a swinging door.

Appliance Layout

Appliances will take up most of your half bath’s space. Use the existing space wisely or you may end up with an underutilized toilet.

Plan your sink and toilet position before building or remodeling your loo. Always avoid putting these two appliances on adjacent walls where a corner is formed. If you do place them adjacent on a corner, you’ll limit your floor space. That one corner becomes effectively removed from the floor plan.

Installing the toilet and sink on the same wall works to open up the majority of the room. By concentrating your appliances on one wall, you’ll leave the rest of the room available for storage, or to create an open feel.

Toilet nooks also help save space in your half bath. They’re really an excellent design in any washroom but shine in small spaces. The nook minimizes the amount of room a toilet needs while using the maximum available space.

With the proper care and an eye for illusion, your half bath can be designed just as well as any full washroom.

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