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Home Improvement Tips for a Kitchen Transformation

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The kitchen is the hub of the home. How is yours doing? Get inspired by these home improvement tips for a grand kitchen transformation. Enjoy!

Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Start by getting your kitchen up to date.

Transforming your kitchen is among the top home improvement projects that are going to be worth your money. In fact, renovating an existing kitchen is the fourth highest value-adding renovation type in Australia. Depending on your suburb, you could possibly retain 75-100 percent of the project costs when you resell your home.

A kitchen can sell a home. If your kitchen is stuck in the patterns of the past, it's time to get it up to date with the current trends and styles. Read on for home improvement tips on renovating your kitchen the right way.

Home Improvement Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen

Buyers are looking for homes with up-to-date kitchens. In addition, you and your family will benefit from transforming the heart of the house into a more modern gathering space. Try the following ideas to get your kitchen in with the current trends and designs.

Experiment with color.

There is no need to limit yourself when it comes to the colors in your kitchen. Natural earth tones can work well, but pretty pastels also pair nicely with other spaces of the home. Pastels can give your kitchen a more whimsical feel and make a space feel more open.

Embracing contrast is important when choosing your color palette. If you have white plank walls, incorporating dark granite countertops or oak cabinets can be a nice contrast offering a dramatic balance. Use rich wall paint colors to highlight elements of the countertop.

Subtle hues of gray also make for a nice use of color in the kitchen. A soft shade of gray can create a peaceful environment and bring the space together well. 

Maximize space with your layout.

When you're hosting a holiday meal or a get-together with friends, you'll want all the kitchen space you can get. Keep food prep and entertaining in mind as you design your kitchen floor plan. 

Look for ways to increase counter space and to make traffic flow easier through the room. Would your refrigerator give you more space if you moved it around? What about moving your dishwasher or cabinets?

You can also create more space by implementing open wall shelves. This gives you a better storage option for some appliances, extending your countertop space. An open shelving design gives you an opportunity to get creative and show off some cute collectibles, coffee mugs or other trendy items you may have around the house.

Have fun with backsplash.

Backsplashes can offer a great return on investment and attracts buyers' attention. Make the backsplash appealing with a color-coordinated combination made of wood, wallpaper or tile. This attention to detail can make a big visual improvement in the room. 

Make sure to choose the material and design patterns that work well with the colors and styles in your kitchen. Your pattern should work to complement your setup without overwhelming other elements.

You can play around with backsplash in several ways. Natural stone and pebble tile are popular right now, and chalkboard backsplash is becoming increasingly trendy.

Choose different types of lighting.

Be original by finding unique ways to illuminate your kitchen. Try a wall of lighted, framed art for added elegance. Find interesting light pendants or vintage light fixtures to set a creative tone in your kitchen.

Mix old and new looks.

Your kitchen can still be new and up-to-date with the comfort of an older feel. Reclaimed chestnut flooring or hand-glazed tile can give your kitchen a rustic, vintage look. Country details (like a barn-wood island) can give a warmer feel to more modern stainless steel appliances. 

Build your own bar. 

A small nook in a kitchen area can work well as your own beverage station. If you like to entertain, a bar is a fun element to tie into your kitchen remodel. Not only does it add functionality, but it adds to the design of your kitchen with your own personality.

Add cabinets below your counter space for extra storage as well as glass cabinets above the counter space to store glasses and stemware. With an abundance of trendy bar decor available these days, you can really dress up this little nook.

If you have the room, a wine and beverage fridge is another great addition to your kitchen bar. Have all your favorite drinks readily accessible when your guests arrive.

Splurge with an extra-deep sink.

An extra-deep farmhouse sink makes for convenient clean up. If your family goes through several dishes a day, you'll love having a deeper sink. Those dirty dishes will be kept out of sight until you have time to get to them.

A deeper sink also gives you more space for prepping meals. Aim for a sink depth of at least 10 inches. That should give you enough room to wash bigger dishes without getting water everywhere.

Make it comfortable.

Make your kitchen a warm, inviting place to be with touches like quilts, rugs or pillows. Use an old tablecloth as a skirt for the extra-deep sink. 

Do you have a window in your kitchen? Think about adding one for a comforting view of your beautiful back yard. Then, add a cozy window seat for your guests.

Incorporate wood into your design.

As homeowners become more eco-conscious, reclaimed wood is becoming one of the hottest trends in home improvement. Adding wood elements to your design can provide warmth to your kitchen. Natural wood beams, floors, countertops and wooden stools are a great way to add a more comfortable feel to the area.  

Renovating your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Keep your kitchen and your home up on the current trends listed above. Not only will potential buyers be attracted to your updated kitchen, but you and your family will love eating, entertaining and coming together in a cozier space customized to your needs.

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