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How to Model your Indoor Kitchen with an Outdoor Vibe

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Kitchen is often the place where people need the most inspiration. You need the right motivation to churn out delectable dishes for yourself, for your friends and for your family. Creating an outdoor feeling in your indoor kitchen can be a great way to enjoy an airy and open environment, while minimising the clutter. Here are some helpful ways to create the right outdoor vibe in your indoor kitchen to get you into the right mood.

Bring in Natural Lighting

A healthy inflow of bright natural light is always a great mood enhancer. While planning to build or remodel your kitchen always ensure that it faces the south in order to receive sufficient amount of natural light. You should also plan to get large windows installed that will help in the inflow of light.

However, too much light could also tend to increase the heat element in your kitchen get. To combat that you can install blinds to regulate the amount of light you wish to receive. In hot and humid regions, a kitchen positioned in a south-eastern direction is a clever idea as it helps to receive the mellow morning light and yet keep the place from getting too heated up.

Bring the Outdoors in Focus

When your kitchen is positioned amidst beautiful outdoor landscape, there is no reason why you should shut yourself in. Open up your windows and bring the outdoors into your kitchen. If your kitchen does not have enough windows, build new ones that will bring in the freshness of the outdoors.

Reduce the number of walls and replace them with windows. You can always compensate the lack of wall storage space by building cabinets. However, the beauty of the bright outdoors is something you can never replace with anything else. Windows also make your kitchen look bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

Break Down Wall Barriers

To encourage the inflow of light it is a good idea to break down wall barriers and replace them with large glass doors. Glass doors tend to add a transparency and help to develop a sense of extra space in your kitchen. Moreover, by breaking down opaque barriers you help to create a wonderful opportunity for ensuring the indoor-outdoor flow seamlessly in your kitchen. In fact, if possible you should opt to keep your doors open and establish a deeper connection with the outdoors in your kitchen.

Compensate with Sky lights and Light tubes

While building windows and encouraging the inflow of light is a great idea to create the outdoor vibe in your kitchen, it may not always be a possibility in most urban kitchens.

While most contemporary kitchens are indoor sighted with little scope for building windows or glass doors, there is no reason yet to lose heart. You could build skylights or get attractive light tubes installed that will help to increase the luminosity in your kitchen interiors.

Light tubes are reflective pipes that are combined with lighting fixtures to help in reflecting the daylight into your kitchen. Skylights may also be built to allow natural air to enter your kitchen along with daylight and can also be used as a point of access while attending to maintenance activities of the roof.

However, skylights may look nice and sunny during the day but will soon turn into dark and dreary boxes at night. You need to ensure that you use intelligent lighting to keep things nice and bright even after the sun goes down.

Colour it Right

Colours always have a major impact on our moods. Naturally soothing colours helps to add the right connection with the outdoors giving your kitchen the right shades of vibrancy. Choose the right hues that represent the colours of nature like a sunshine yellow or a lush green or even the powdery blue of the sky above. Everything that reminds us of the bright beautiful outdoors should be encouraged to be included in the colour palette adorning your kitchen walls to help you get the right vibe.

Bring in the Greens

Live plants have a unique way of bringing everything to life. Even the dull monotony of lonely cooking moments can be enlivened by the presence of your potted friends.

If you do not have the scope of looking out into a fresh and verdant kitchen garden you can build one yourself inside your kitchen. Line up your window sill with beautiful potted flowers or with popular houseplants.

Some regularly used herbs could also be grown if you have the luxury of that additional space to act as your own little ready-at-hand kitchen garden on your window sill. Colour the pots in attractive shades to add your own special touch and liven up things a bit more. You could also place freshly cut flowers in long glass vases to build your outdoor vibe.

Build Clutter Free Kitchens

Wide, airy uncluttered kitchens help to build the sense of openness. Keep your kitchen clean. Store away all your bottles, jars, crockery and cutlery in storage cabinets instead of allowing them to be scattered across your kitchen platform. Clean and clutter free kitchens helps to create a better connect with the outdoors.

Planning your kitchen is an exciting venture. There is a lot of scope to make it a lively, fresh and enjoyable place to spend your time in. Understanding the factors that help you bring in the right outdoor vibe is a significant step towards designing the ideal kitchen that you have always desired.