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Ingenious Ideas to Steal For Your Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens do not necessarily have to be a bad idea. In fact if ingeniously designed and creatively decorated they could prove to be the most effective work spaces. Here are some ingenious ideas that could help to build one of the most functional and stylish small kitchen spaces for you.

Keep things straight and simple

When space is a consideration, it is best to avoid curves and slants. Keep things as straight and simple as possible. Use vertical tiles or grouts with vertical lines that helps to create a taller impact. Keep your shelves straight and simple to enhance the minimalistic effect. Also, if you build in accents keep them as slim and straight as possible to ensure minimum dominance but maximum prominence.

Streamline the Colour Palette

Use of colour while helping to rejuvenate might also act as overkill if too many shades are used for a small space. It is best therefore to keep your colour palette restricted to two or three shades at the maximum. Keeping it toned down to lesser colours helps your kitchen look more organised. Plus, it is soothing to the eye and creates a pleasant ambience for work.

Explore New Nooks

Every kitchen is replete with small nooks and corners that are often ignored and wasted. Explore these various crevices of opportunities and utilise them by building in unconventional storage areas. To innovate is to deviate from convention. This deviation will help you elevate your small kitchen space into a functional, stylish and effective work area. Do not get restricted by conventional architectural concepts. Try and break through these conventions and design something that will help create the “wow” factor.

Make way for Light

Light is an essential element to help your small kitchen look big and bright. Ensure you have sufficient ways up your sleeve to allow the light to play around well in your kitchen. Use glass for your cupboard shelves or even glass walls in place of opaque barriers to build transparency, ensure openness and to reflect light. The more light you allow in your kitchen the larger it tends to look. You could also install metallic wall fixtures to help light to bounce off your walls. Light tends to create an illusion of space that is no doubt a welcoming feeling.

Get Opulence on a Budget

There are times when allowing opulence to reign over your kitchen may help to don it with a new dimension. However, budget constraints may tend to hold you back. A little bit of ingenuity may help you get the rich look without impacting your budget. Look for porcelain tiles with a marble finish to add as your backsplash and pair it with a tap of burnished brass finished and a fireclay sink. Your kitchen will don a completely new look without pinching your budget too much. Get trendy and creative in your kitchen to deck it in your own individual style.

Push and Pull for storage

Storage areas are a crucial element in a small kitchen. Building wall units for them eats up on crucial wall space and further cramps up your small kitchen area. Therefore, it is important that you explore additional spaces between shelves or behind walls to identify suitable locations for installing a pull out drawer for storing your jars, bottles or even cutleries. As you can push them back into their crevices, it leaves your walls free of clutter and your kitchen starts looking comfortably open and airy. This is a functional utilisation of your walls enabling you to create a contemporary look for your small kitchen.

Divide to Hide

If you have an open kitchen, there would be several things you would not like your guests to see. For example, the pile of unwashed dishes you won’t be touching before the next day. Creating a high divide may serve to hide the unwanted clutter. Moreover, if positioned strategically, like behind the wash area or behind the stove top, it may also act as a decorative and functional backsplash.

Peninsula Storage

Build your kitchen peninsula into an effective storage area. The shallow side of the peninsula provides sufficient depth to store glasses, crockeries and even cookbooks or other paperbacks. Moreover, colouring them in attractive shades will help to add a dash of style and uniqueness to your kitchen.

Pep Up Your Prep Space

Small kitchens often need to compromise on prep space. There is a serious need therefore to identify opportunities that help you to organize your kitchen area and carve out that much required prep space. You could join a kitchen table to your counter top to create a streamlined prep space. You could also use the cutting board sink style to utilise area around the sink as an appropriate prep space.

Some kitchens have further innovated to include a pull out cutting board that is fitted into their counter top. You could also improvise a top drawer to slide out to reveal a chopping board that could double up as prep space. Rack your brains to utilise the limited kitchen space provided to you for shelving out that the prep space you need.

Long Window Utilisation

If windows are important to allow light to brighten your kitchen space, it also serves another purpose. Long windows can be used to erect shelves across their breadth. Continuing shelves along the entire expanse of the wall will help to avoid the fragmented look.

With a little thought and strategy, you can make your kitchen look larger and more spacious than it actually is. Throw in a bit of ingenuity and you get a brilliantly stylish kitchen that is well within your budget.