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Six DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Whether you need to keep costs down or are just plain handy with a drill, check out our six hot DIY tips to update your bathroom from drab to fab!

1. Tile Tops

If your existing vanity unit is essentially okay but the benchtop is a bit stained and worse for wear, consider splurging on some beautiful artistic tiles to cover the entire benchtop. Give the cupboard doors a fresh lick of paint or re-stain and voila, you have a new vanity unit that everyone will be talking about.

2. Mirror Trims

Add personality to your mirror. This is where you can really have fun with the DIY element of a bathroom makeover! One option is to take a plain, plate-glass mirror and install a decorative wooden trim around the edge. Paint or keep it rustic and natural. Alternatively, inject glamour and cover the frame with small metallic tiles

Round mirrors are also really in vogue right now. Add or change up the chord used to hang your mirror and replace with a piece of vintage chain or ‘rope with character’ to add a rustic touch. Or use a piece of timber approximately 5cm deep (around the width of a jean’s belt), cut around your mirror, then glue the two pieces together. Then take an old leather belt and attach around the mirror’s rim to conceal the join, using a second belt buckled up and screwed onto each side of the mirror to hang from a hook.

3. Vintage Vanity

Combine a vintage recycled piece of furniture with a stylish sink and tapware.

Find an old occasional table, dresser, washstand, or chest of drawers and give it some love. Sand it back, paint and finish in a water resistant polyurethane varnish. Then install a drop-in sink or an above counter vessel sink. You could even install two to create a double vanity feature.

The style of unit you renovate will dictate your choice of sink and tapware. Going down the mid Century look with your benchtop? A fab bright red bathroom sink could be just the thing to add a retro vibe. Or basin mixers in coloured matte finishes – it’s amazing what colour tapware you can get these days!

You can’t go wrong with a stylish white porcelain sink placed on a Victorian-era dresser with highly polished stainless steel taps and mixers. Or a natural stone sink atop a rustic ‘farmhouse’ style bench, paired with the latest look aged bronze tapware.

4. DIY Your Splashback

Get creative with your splashback to infuse personality and style into your bathroom. Remove the old splashback and replace with on-trend tiles. If you are on a tight budget, consider using inexpensive tiles and edging the border with artisanal ‘statement’ tiles.

5. Towel Hooks

Old railroad spikes or antique door knobs make great towel hooks. Our favourite idea is to take a piece of reclaimed wood and add industrial tap faucets. Keep the faucets raw or roughly paint them in mismatched colours.

6. Industrial Pipe Towel Rails

Industrial metal pipes used for plumbing make fabulous towel rails. Consider layering metals with metals (metallic is so hot right now) and go for a beautiful copper vessel sink to match. Depending on how you accessorise your bathroom, you will end up with a rustic, country-style finish or make a cool industrial statement.