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Small Bathroom Color Schemes

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Many homes are not blessed with large bathroom spaces, and many homeowners cannot afford to remodel their entire living space to fit in a bigger bathroom. Renters, too, often run into the problem of how to decorate a small bathroom space. If you fall into any of these categories, chances are good that you may be looking for some ideas for how to make your small bathroom into the best it can possibly be. Even with a limited remodeling budget, you will surely be able to find plenty of solutions when you check out this list of small bathroom color schemes. Remember: effective decorating is all about color choice!

Clean and white

Nothing says pristine like a clean, white, classic bathroom. If you are unable to make a lot of changes to your small bathroom, consider making the entire space into a shining white spa-like environment. You can leave in your original white toilet and tub, and simply change your sink to a more stylish above-counter basin made of white stone or porcelain. Bring the look together with a white shaving cabinet fitted with plenty of mirrors to make your space look even bigger. Hang a miniature chandelier-style light in the center of the room to provide plenty of visibility, and fit it with white LED lights to make your shimmering bathroom show off all its splendor.

Nautical colors

Add a splash of pale blue and bold red to your white bathroom to bring a nautical theme into even the smallest of spaces. Hang a striped blue and white shower curtain around your shower, and decorate with red flowers in a red vase on the back of your toilet. If your budget allows, you might even consider installing a new toilet with a red or blue seat to provide an extra splash of color and to upgrade your bathroom appliances as well. If you do put in a new toilet, choose one with a dual flush option to help benefit the environment as well as your small space.

Shades of blue

Bathrooms have been blue for a long time, but you can make a stylish and modern space with a few different shades of blue. Add dark blue tile inside your shower, and match it to dark blue bath mats to keep the color scheme moving beautifully throughout the room. Consider putting in a pale blue bath, if space provides, and if not, build a pale blue cabinet around the bottom of your sink to give yourself some extra storage. Even the sink itself may be able to be replaced with a pretty blue alternative. If not, try a clear glass sink basin to catch all the shades of blue in the room and reflect them back perfectly.

Black and gold

Black is not usually a good choice for a small space, even when that space is a bathroom, but if you accent it with gold then you are sure to have a beautiful tiny bathroom in no time. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls black, or at least to repaint one black accent wall against three ivory ones. Put in a black freestanding claw foot bath tub and choose shining gold (or faux gold) faucet fixtures, then install the same type of fixtures over a black or ivory sink basin. Keep it to black and gold with an accent of ivory to make your bathroom look as spacious as possible without sacrificing any style.

Tuscan browns

Various shades of brown can be used to create a warm and inviting bathroom area even when space is limited. Use brass fixtures in your shower or bath to accent your Mediterranean themed, all-brown bathroom. A burnished brass or gold-colored glass sink basin can make the room look even more authentic and exotic, and will tie in perfectly to the brown color scheme. Although brown toilets and baths may be difficult, if impossible, to come by, choose white or ivory alternatives to accent the beautiful warmth of your bathroom. Do not neglect your lighting options in this small bathroom color scheme! Add wall lights with glass shades and warm yellow bulbs to provide the perfect ambience for your beautiful spa-like space.

Choose the right color scheme for your bathroom and add a few fixtures and décor to bring the whole look together. The right style will ensure that even the smallest of bathrooms can be a beautiful and relaxing space. With just a few changes, your small bathroom can easily become your favorite part of the house!