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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas with a Big Impact

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The right design choices in decorating your small bathrooms can indeed create a big impact. For instance, using the right colour for your walls, design for your tiles, and the appropriate lighting can make all the difference. Plus, choosing the right fixtures helps to add that extra dash of aesthetics and allows you to create your own style statement despite the compromised space. Here are some decorating ideas that will help transform your small bathroom into your dream space.

Use light smartly

The intelligent use of light has been the main principle in many an ingenious design. Open up opportunities for your small bathroom space to receive as much light as possible. Clear off clutter from window sills and add translucent or light curtains to allow natural light to play around.

To ensure that you get your bathroom space to reflect the light it receives, colour your walls in light pastel shades. Whites and cream based tones can be of great help in compact spaces. A lighter and brighter bathroom helps to create the illusion of space that your bathroom lacks in reality.

Open up

When space is a constraint then keep things as open as possible to avoid the boxed up feeling. Open racks and floating shelves help to create the concept of space.

Bathrooms are where you need a whole lot of things to be stored. However, instead of stowing them away in closed cupboards, organize them aesthetically in open spaces to help feel less claustrophobic in your bathrooms.

Using an oval sink may also be a good idea as it helps to create more storage space around it for keeping your daily essentials. Think creatively to make your bathroom more functional.

Pick the right sink

Sinks are an essential accessory in a bathroom. However, the style and design of sinks used can hugely impact your design considerations. The cabinet style sinks that are commonly seen in bathrooms usually occupy a considerable amount of space. When you choose the sink for your small bathroom, it makes good sense to opt for a pedestal style sink. Pedestal sinks are sleeker and a classic way of camouflaging the space constraint. As it does not occupy much visual space, your bathroom feels larger and more spacious than it actually is.

Add depth to dimensions

Adding height and breadth to your small bathrooms can help create a feeling of spaciousness. Using the right patterns for your wall and floor tiles can help you achieve that. Vertical stripes, for example, have always been effective in making things look taller than they actually are. Also, place the wall tiles exactly at right angles to that used on floors to create new depth in your dimensions.

Using the right type of lights in the right places, you can create a sense of space. Highlight the shower and sink area with task lights to create focus. Moreover, illuminating the area above and below cabinets with decorative lighting helps to add a greater sense of height and depth.

Hang the rails

Positioning towel rails judiciously are effective in helping to create aesthetic as well as functional additions to your small bathrooms. You can place towel rails above the tub to save wall space for other useful purposes. But, if you wish to free your walls completely of hanging towel rails, the best way is to use wash stands with towel bars attached. This is both functional as well as a unique way to save space.

As towel rails all over your bathroom walls tends to constrain the space further, you can now push them below the washstand and easily access your towels while washing or even reach out for them while you’re in the tub.

Get off the floor

It’s always advisable to free up the floor area in order to lend a feeling of space to small rooms. Therefore, it is a good idea to install wall-mount cabinets, cupboards, magazine holders and wash stand to make your bathrooms look roomier than they are.

Space it out

If your bathroom does not provide you with enough wall space, use your creativity to make judicious use of space in your small bathrooms. Just like you can hang your towel rack on the wall beside your tub, you can also intelligently use the space behind or above your WC to place your open shelves or racks.


You can also use the vertical space above your doorway to store cleaners or toilet rolls that are not used every day to free up the area beneath your sink to store scrubs and tub salts that you might require frequently. You could use decorative baskets or racks to store your things so as to take care of aesthetics as well.

Create a subtle divide

Most often dividing your main area and the bath area might lead to a space constraint. However, if done subtly it may help to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Using glass doors instead of shower curtains is one way of doing it. It helps to create the divide and yet avoids space crunch. Moreover, using a frosted glass pattern also helps to ensure the desired privacy without creating the boxed up effect.

Fix up the Fixtures

Just like the rest of your home, your bathroom also deserves a makeover. When remodeling your bathroom, get contemporary style fixtures installed not only to help enhance the resale value but also to love the time you spend in your bathroom. Brushed copper, bronze or even gold plated fixtures are a lovely addition that not only helps to enhance the beauty but also complements the space story perfectly.

Bathrooms, both big and small, can add the right value to your home. Using creativity and ingenuity in decorating them is the key to creating an aesthetically designed bathrooms for your home. The tips we’ve shared can be a good place for you to start in that direction.