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Top Bathroom Trends for 2016

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There are so many options to choose from when styling your bathroom, it can be quite overwhelming. You may have the layout sorted, but when crunch time comes to drill down to nitty gritty details, where do you begin?

The top bathroom trends for 2016 feature innovative use of wood and ‘living room’ décor elements, as well as incorporating earthy materials such as natural stone and metallics, metallics, metallics.

Tactility and tranquillity are the targets for the latest trends in bathroom designs.

Metallic Mania

Let’s start with the mover and shaker of current bathroom trends, ‘metallics’. Yes metallic have been around the last few years but they are not going anywhere in a hurry. The appetite for metallics in bathroom trends is at a high, with matte and satin finishes proving particularly popular.

Offering a welcome alternative to the bright, polished look, the likes of brushed stainless steel and brass are on the rise. The use of these metals can direct a bathroom down an earthy, rustic vibe or a modern, industrial feel, depending on the other materials you incorporate into the room.

Opt for metallic with a bang and install a giant copper bath. Or introduce metallic finishes in subtle ways, such as tapware, shower racks, towel rails and accessories.

Introducing Elementals

Incorporating natural stone and wood in new ways is the name of the game. New purpose-designed timber products for bathrooms now allow designers to use wood where once it would not have been possible, right down to unexpected ways such as wall coverings and wooden basins.

Natural stone and river rock are also cropping up. Think stone vanity tops, sinks and baths, feature walls and bathroom furniture. A kiln-fired ceramic or polished stone basin adds an earthy infusion into a bathroom instead of a standard porcelain sink.

Cool Concrete

Perfect for the industrial-look aficionado, the use of concrete in bathrooms is already an in-grained style trend that is only on the up and up. We’re talking concrete bathing areas, concrete floors, concrete wall surfaces. Cool and gritty or smooth and polished. Concrete-look tiles will help achieve the overall look, and are becoming a fast favourite for wall coverings and floorings in bathrooms.

Creating Ambience

Bring the living room into your bathroom folks!

Furniture like cabinetry, mood lighting and homewares, even pouffes, are ambling into the world of bathroom trends. Creating a ‘home within a home’, the likes of armchairs, coat racks, stools, rug-like bathmats and pendant lighting are all playing a role in turning a bathroom into a place of pure relaxation and cosiness.

Combining key functional elements of a bathroom with luxury furniture touches such as a dressing table and stool to sit and do your make up, is just one example of bringing a softer, ‘homier’ edge to an otherwise practical space.

Oversized Tiles

Not only are oversized tiles space-enhancing, creating a seamless ‘spatial illusion’, they are also easier to clean as there are less grout lines. Large format tiles are currently huge in Europe and we expect will give mosaic and slender subway tiles are run for their money.

We’re loving these top bathroom trends for 2016, particularly the combination of different textures and materials beyond the classic porcelain and highly polished stainless steel. Concrete-look tile feature walls, wooden basins, copper baths, brass tapware (and a casually placed pouffe of course), are flooding the world of bathroom design!