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Unique and Trendy Bathroom Ideas

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Looking for unique bathroom ideas? Keen to rebel against playing it safe when it comes to bathroom design, and flush ‘conservative’ down the plug hole?

If conservative, stock-standard bathrooms are not your thing, read on. We have sourced the most unique and trendy bathroom ideas currently whirling around in ‘Bathroom Land’.

‘Bathroom Land’ is where all the cool cats want to go. A room that not only keeps you clean, but features fabulous design elements such as on-trend pendant lighting and patterned tile flooring.


Interior decorators are all over the 2016 trend for metallics, from copper to rose gold to brass.

One of the easiest ways to turn a common old bathroom into one with wow factor is to use accents of metallics. Try adding a rose gold rimmed hexagon or round mirror, copper pendants lights, or decorative accessories (something you can easily update if you get tired of the look down the track).

Metallics throw off a pinkish hue that will warm up your bathroom, and they look awesome when paired with wood, marble, and white. Add a stylish white orchid plant in a metallic bowl and you are right on the mark.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon-shaped tiles are so hot right now, and can take an otherwise simple bathroom into a whole different dimension. Let the cool ‘honeycomb’ patterning effect of a hexagon tile really speak for itself in a neutral pale grey. And if that is still a bit too safe for you, create a buzz in bright cobalt blue or mint green. Your floor will be the stand-out in a sea of otherwise safe bathroom decors.

Colour Splitting & Smattering

Now let’s take this hexagon-honeycomb tile floor one step further in the trend stakes. If you have a sizeable bathroom, consider using a hexagon tile and splitting the floor into two colours. For example, crisp white on one side, grey on the other.

Take things one step further again and use different shades of the colour, haphazardly placed to create a tile mosaic of light, medium and dark tones.

When the coloured tiles meet the white tiles, allow them to randomly spill across an ‘invisible’ line to create a natural looking blend of the two alternate sides. We like to call this ‘organised smattering’.

Pantone Pairing

Jump on-board the hottest colour pairing of 2016; Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pantone’s 2016 ‘Colours of the Year’, a tranquil blue teamed with a warmer rose tone, can easily be incorporated into your bathroom palette.

For an on-trend bathroom look, incorporate a duck-egg blue tile feature with rose gold tapware and accessories. To celebrate the Pantone colour pairing in a big way, you can even try using a subtle rose-gold coloured grout in the tiles.

Black Tapware, Scandi Style

Think black matt-finished tapware in a monochrome bathroom.

Add a splash of Scandi style with crisp white subway tiles, light oak finishes and black tapware. Or pair a black claw-foot bathtub with black tapware and a smart geometric black and white tiled floor.

Copper and other metallics look great with black too. You might want to consider black shower and bathroom sink tapware with a brass pendant light feature, marble benchtop and wooden accessories (such as a stool or ladder for towels) to add different textural elements.

If you have found inspiration from these latest bathroom trends, then book a one-way ticket to Bathroom Land and create a unique bathroom that will still look fabulous in years to come!