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When to Call a Renovation Company, and When to DIY

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Thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Fantastic! Now, it's time to assess what you can DIY, and when you should call a renovation company. Find out here.

One of the most exciting aspects of buying a new home is making it your own, by decorating or renovating to reflect those trends you love. But do you know when to DIY, and when to call in a renovation company? Whether you're giving your new home a makeover, or freshening up your existing property, there are some amazing ideas and products out there these days. From giving the kitchen or bathroom a brand new look, to adding a pool or deck, it will add to your enjoyment, as well as the value of your property.

From Drab To Chic

And it can be so rewarding. Turning a drab old home into a modern masterpiece is such a buzz! Flicking through glossy magazines for ideas, choosing paint. Flicking through glossy magazines for ideas, choosing paint colours, buying appliances; we love it! But when it gets down to serious stuff, we sometimes get our expectations mixed up with our qualifications! Seriously, there are some talented homeowners who can do the lot, from painting and decorating to building an extension.

Expert Knowledge

But there are others who should really stick with the simple stuff and call in a renovation company to do the rest! You see, some tasks are just too big, and require expert knowledge. Sure, you can watch a YouTube video on plumbing a new bathroom, but there's nothing like good old-fashioned knowledge and experience. For example, does that video tell you what to do when the pipes bursts? The thing is, with all the home renovation shows on TV these days, we are all inspired to try it ourselves. We see 'ordinary people' creating makeover miracles and it looks so easy.

Get Stuck In

It's in our nature to get stuck in and have a go, right? Sadly this can often end up a disaster, completely spoiling the whole experience. It can also end up a lot more expensive. Let's face it, any sort of renovation is going to cost you a few bucks, and before you even start, you should be setting yourself a budget. The temptation is to think we can make the budget go further by doing the work ourselves. But when it comes to major renovations, working without the right knowledge is not such a great idea. Why do you think tradesmen study for years to perfect their skills? Especially when we're talking about things like electrical wiring - a big no-no for amateurs. Why do you think tradesmen study for years to perfect their skills? Especially when we're talking about things like electrical wiring - a big no-no for amateurs.

Make A Plan

The first thing to do is make a plan. What renovations do you want done? Put them in order of priority, and formulate your budget. Next, Put them in order of priority, and formulate your budget. Next, assess your skills and recognise your limitations. At this stage, if you know you can't do it all yourself, have a chat with a renovation company. Tell them your hopes and plans, and be clear about your budget. They will come up with options. For example, if the kitchen or bathroom needs to be gutted first, that may be something you can do, to save money on labour.

Choosing A Renovation Company

The renovation company will be able to show you a variety of designs and products to suit your budget, so you still make the big decisions. From under-floor heating to storage and shower screens, they will help you get more bang for your buck. When choosing your renovation company, go for one that not only has the skill and expertise, but also the latest brands and ideas. You're probably only going to renovate once, so make sure you get what you want! And don't be afraid to tell them what you want, however 'out there' you think it might be. If the renovation company is on-trend, they won't bat an eyelid at your use of colours and textures. But they might be able to come up with cost-saving ideas.

Great Look On A Small Budget

Take your kitchen, for example, do you really need to gut it completely to get a fresh, new look, or could you simply change some key features? By adding new flooring, new bench tops and cupboard doors, and a new backsplash, you could totally transform it. Alternatively, you may have some great ideas - that aren't actually that great! Sure, at the end of the day, it's your home and your money, but it's worth listening to good advice on trends to avoid. A couple of these immediately come to mind - wooden counters and visible pot racks! Both were great ideas at the time, and really 'in' for a while, but there are practical reasons why they may not work in your home.

Transform Your Bathroom

Another great space to renovate is your bathroom. It can really transform a home from old to ultra chic. It can also be one of the most expensive spaces to renovate. But here's the thing. Go ahead and look through those magazines and choose styles, and then chat to that renovation company. They might have ways of achieving that look on a smaller budget. For example, choosing the right tiling. Tiling doesn't have to be expensive. Sure you can choose those expensive imports, but you can get an equally great look with inexpensive white tiles, if done properly. Even the most expensive tiles can look terrible if your DIY skills aren't up to scratch! Even the most expensive tiles can look terrible if your DIY skills aren't up to scratch!

Simple Ideas

And just like your kitchen, you could add new bench tops and cupboard doors, for a fresh new look. Even just changing your tapware can make a huge difference. If your bathroom is small, then its design is even more important, to make the best use of space AND achieve that great modern look and feel you desire.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

With small spaces, it's all about light, storage and best use of that space. Again, tiles can play a big role here. Tiling from floor to ceiling will add the illusion of height. And plain tiles with a feature strip will work better than patterned tiles. There are so many more ideas to investigate, so it's really worth sitting down with that renovation company. Remember, little things - like new taps - can have a huge effect. But equally, seemingly small DIY jobs can turn into a very expensive mistake!