Why Black Tapware is the Hottest New Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss


Why Black Tapware is the Hottest New Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss

Why Black Tapware is the New Trend

Create the vibe you want in your bathroom or kitchen with black tapware! Click here to discover why it the hottest trend you should include in your plans here!

Hailed as the best thing since polished chrome. There’s a new, darker trend sweeping the nation. Black tapware has already been in vogue for a while. It adds a fancy touch of class to your next home interiors project.

Here’s why your bathroom or kitchen should be donning its LBT (little black tapware) for the comeback of a timeless classic this season.

Read on to find out how to work this hot new trend into your renovation!

Not just monochrome.

Sleek monochrome is still oh-so in vogue, it’s true.

But what’s the one thing we all love about black?

It goes with everything.

Matte black fixtures will compliment any colour scheme or material. Bored of a bland bathroom? A touch of black will enhance neutral tones. Using black faucets and fixtures can be a less obtrusive way to introduce this statement into your colour scheme than with dark cabinets or walls. Use an accent colour, black is an excellent tool for giving depth to your decor.

So let’s heat things up with your tapware

Far from dark and cold, black, particularly matte shades can add warmth to your room.

Did you know that black, white and grey are considered neutral colours according to colour theory? It’s about how you use them. If you’re worried about dark tapware contrasting too starkly with white tiles or ceramic suite, mix it up with warm copper and brass tones. Try combining a copper light fitting and soap dish for example.

Mix your mediums.

Black is a chameleon when it comes to materials too. Pairing textured timber with smooth black tapware helps to bring out the wood’s beautiful natural grain.

It works a treat with go-to bathroom materials like marble and granite too. Another timeless staple, marbles subtle veins of colour can be lost in a busy room. But you can revive your marble splashback with some statement black tapware.

A graphite centerpiece will draw the eye in, then naturally outward to explore the marble’s natural hues. This works well in a traditional home or a modern apartment.

Stay on trend. Every trend.

Just redecorated in the latest trend? Or have you carefully preserved your home’s classical vibe?

Black tapware is the perfect solution for the rooms you love, but want to freshen up. You won’t need to revamp completely because your new black fixings will fit right in with your current theme.

We still loving subway tiles. But these super trendy style icons can look harsh and cold when paired with stainless steel or chrome fixtures. Your tiles will look fabulous re-grouted in dark, earthy tones that’ll unify the room.

Black works well with popular masculine, industrial themes too. Look for no-nonsense designs like our Caroma range with minimal detailing. These work best with raw materials, exposed masonry and distressed wood synonymous with the industrial movement.

Contemporary Chic vs. Period Features.

Whether you’re creating a sleek, contemporary space or looking to update your period home, you can enhance your desired effect with black tapware.

We haven’t seen a tapware trend like this since the introduction of chrome. Black is now proving that it too is more than a passing phase.

The timeless nature of these coal-coloured accessories means they have already proven themselves in a range of settings. Equally at home in a rustic, country abode or a modern apartment oozing chic sophistication.

Black is a surefire way to introduce a contemporary twist without losing your home’s charm!

Don’t You Lift a Finger!

Fancy spending more time luxuriating in the bath with a glass of vino? Sounds too good to be true, even after all your hard work and renovation!

Black tapware is incredibly low maintenance. In fact, black fixings won’t show up marks like polished chrome or stainless steel. That means less time spent removing mucky paw prints, leaving you to get on with that R’n’R.

Early black tapware was finished in powder coating. This created a chic end product but one that was vulnerable to scratches and wear. Nowadays, black tapware products are stylish and functional. Modern electroplating gives a highly durable, scratch-resistant finish that looks striking and is immune from corrosion.

Create a No-Fuss Feature.

A room normally associated with drab necessity – nothing surprises and delights more than a wow-factor bathroom. If you’ve never had the bottle to ditch your polished chrome tapware, now’s your chance.

Opt for matte black tapware for minimalist design. This will introduce a feature to your bathroom without the risk of looking garish. Stylish yet understated. Have your cake and eat it too by using black tapware as your new focal point.

Ready to go All the Way?

We suggest opting for matte ranges and combining this with charcoal bathroom furnishings like towels. Because black works so well with natural materials. Because black works so well with natural materials, opting for hand-crafted or rustic accessories will increase the warmth of your room.

If you’ve fallen for graphite tapware but don’t want to go the full hog, check out these gorgeous chrome and black mixed designs from Jamie J. These high-quality chrome fixings feature just a splash of inky black. Perfect for giving your bathroom a sophisticated upgrade.


Move over chrome. This dark fearless beauty queen is here to stay.

Fancy swapping out tired tapware for an on-trend feature piece? Check out our great range of black tapware and accessories. Looking for inspiration? Check out our showroom gallery or pop in and see us. We have a fabulous kitchen range and 17 full sized bathrooms on display!

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